Lisa's speeches for the week of March 12-16, 2012 were inspired by the following entries in Joe Wenderoth's Letters to Wendy's:

1Inspired by the June 1, 1997 entry, though the ending deviates dramatically from Wenderoth's version with the "sea shells" bit which is pure Lisa being Lisa.

2Inspired, quite loosely, by the May 28, 1997 entry.

3The pee quotes are word for word from the the May 16, 1997 entry but setting it up as a question a temp might ask at a meeting is completely a Soxaholix original.

4This speech borrows the most heavily from Wenderoth, almost word for word from the June 13, 1997 entry with a few additional to give the flow a more natural Lisa feel.

5Inspired and taken directly for some parts from the May 14, 1997 entry, but the original talks of juggling rather than the mime piece Lisa used.