Praise & Press for The Soxaholix

"Blogdom's Best Red Sox blog … The history of the Red Sox, one panel at a time." .

Will Leitch, Deadspin




  • "…if you love the Sox, don't miss the quirky, wry cartoon panels," The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine
  • "Beautiful … roasting at its finest." – Steve Silva, Boston Dirt Dogs
  • "Blogdom's Best Red Sox blog … The history of the Red Sox, one panel at a time." – Will Leitch Deadspin 
  • "Incisive blog … a savvy understanding of media … " – Ian Donnis, The Boston Phoenix
  • "Your site absolutely rocks. I immediately bookmarked it. Keep up the tremendous work." – Gary Baseball Prospectus
  • "All the cool Red Sox fans are addicted to The Soxaholix." – Allan Wood, Author Babe Ruth and the 1918 Red Sox
  • "That's a great idea. Love the concept." – Dave Pinto, Baseball Musings
  • "Were as shocked as you are, but there is apparently at least one member of Red Sox Nation with a sense of humor and perspective." Maxim Online
  • "… this site makes me laugh even in the depths of my sorrow …" – Meg Hourihan, Co-Founder, Megnut
  • "… really wish your strips weren't so funny. I just can't muster up the full hatred for you that I want to when you make me laugh." – Michele, Yankees fan and blogger of A Small Victory
  • "creepy but sort of cute" The Wonkette
  • "… the ever-genius Soxaholix." – Lockhart Steele, Managing Editor Gawker Media
  • "… surely one of the Reasons Blogging Was Invented." Curbed


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