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Opening Day, 2016

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Let the David Price Era commence.

Meanwhile, what I posted out of the blue last week still holds—I have something new I'm lining up.

My tawdry muse is back and whispering all kinds of things in my ear. Like I said, it won't be Soxaholix and it won't be primarily about baseball (then again was Soxaholix ever primarily about baseball?) but it will be me writing it and it will be there if anyone wants to read it.

Update on progress:
+ URL for the domain secured
+ Site design template purchased
+ Work on merging the design with the blog CMS underway.

I'll post more updates on progress as I have them.



So pumped. Thrilled to have you back in the game, Mr Brachen!

So creepy.

Baseball and Premier League is going to kill my productivity. Welcome back HB.


Natalie simply writes, "Did you hear the news?," and my immediate response is to come here.

My life is as creepy as ever.

Welcome home, Mr. Brachen. Welcome home, all.

COD IM'd me on Twitter. I gasped out loud and immediately went to Facebook. Gotta love social media. So excited for the gang to be back together, whatever we are in store for. Missed you, hb!

The creepy band is getting back together! Thanks for the heads up Nat!

My wife came across "pocket pool" on the Kindle the other day and I was getting all nostalgic.... this is the year!

Who's keeping count? Put me down for 88 wins

I think I said 93 on FB, yes?

As Monty Python was so fond of saying..."and now for something completely different"

Hold on, I need to go rub one out right quick.

Australia is cock-a-hoop at this development, hb.

(90-72 btw)

Christmas in April! Wow! I guess creepily checking this site every couple days actually pays off. Looking forward to the new digs.

I'm humbled by your collective reaction.

WOOOO! And here I was with no place to be creepy anymore.

Count me in! 91 wins...

Count me in! 91 wins...

I am beyond pleased that I just checked in on a whim.


Put me down for 94 wins.


Wow! Last check of URL link today. Ready to delete if dormant. But HB with a buzzer-beater. A homer in the 9th. (insert sports analogy of choice.) 101 creepy wins.

Price looked good yesterday.

Things are progressing on getting the "something new" going.

+ The new URL is resolving correctly to the host site.

+ I've tested out a sample post and sample comment.

+ Selected a cover image for the main blog landing page.

So really things are pretty much ready to go. Just need to write the first post and then open it up.

To paraphrase Eugen Weber re: the Roman Empire: We should not ask why Soxaholix fell, instead we should ask why it lasted so long in the first place.

Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in.

I am late to the party but I swear I just got a massive endorphin rush. Our long national nightmare is over!!!!

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