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Something new in the works...

Hart Brachen on life's rich trolley:
OK, so after more than an year of not regularly doing the Soxaholix, my creative muse has returned. I've got something new up my sleeve. It won't be a continuation of Soxaholix but something different, something semi-regular, and hopefully something that some of you will enjoy checking out and following. And from time to time I'm sure baseball, Red Sox, and Soxaholix type themes will creep in. I've got some prep work to do before I can launch the new thing, but hopefully it'll be soon, as in days or a couple of weeks and not months. I'll post updates here.

— Hart




All aboard!

I thought my RSS feed was fucking up again when I saw a (!) next to Soxaholix. Praise God it is no mistake!

It was April 1st somewhere when this was sent so please tell me it's not an April Fool thing.

I've kept this site bookmarked and check it daily just for this moment! I knew you'd be back. Can't wait for the "something new!"

I didn't even click through when my RSS feed showed a new past last week Just assumed it was a blip. The new one today on Opening Day got my attention though.

The hell you say...he's still alive?? After the past few years??

What they said. ;D

So great!

So great!

We eagerly await!

Meanwhile, Papi starts out his Grand Tour in style - 2 for 4 with a double and a 2-run HR and an intentional walk in a win for the Sox.

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