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If I see anothah bearded, limp-wristed, unmuscled hipstah "vaping," I swear to fucking Christ I'm gonna lace up my Julian Tavarez cleats and commence the stomping.


Seriously, there was a time when I was certain the Red Sox were killing me...


3 World Series latah, I realize it's pretty everything thing else.



I vape,but it smell strangely herbal ;O

I vape,but it smell strangely herbal ;O

Nice to see you back,h.b.

Lot of vapers in the stands at Gillette Stadium. But they're not hipsters; they're 3-pack a day men violating Gilette's "no vaping" rule but not the "no smoking" rule. I guess the former gets you a warning, while the latter gets you a tossing.

I miss Batshit. I wonder what he's up to now. Do you think he'd hang out with me if I tracked him down on Google and sent him a stalkerish e-mail?

Wish I had invested in the vaping industry a couple if years ago. I swear there is a vaping shop about every other block where I live.

Leprechauns don't vape. All the proof you need that it's a douchey fad.

There's a place I know where the hipsters go called Bedrock! Twist, twist.

Now that's something fun to yak about.

Never move to Denver.

And Rock is gonna roll with all his might, in Bedrock...Bedrock!

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

We doing predictions this year?

I predict the current commissioner will not allow Pete Rose into the Hall. 100:1

It is that time of year. Let the predictions begin! Cmdrflake will be defending his title.

Okay, so the ERA of our starting pitching so far is 4.44 and we are scoring an average of 4.79 runs per game, so using the Pythagorean theorem of baseball, we get a win prediction of 53%, so I predict 87 wins. Can't be anymore wrong than last year...

Given the strange weakness of the AL East this year, I think they'll pull off 91 wins, which will be enough to win the division. They are going to score a crapload of runs (which they will need). Wright is going to be the savior of the rotation because why not make baseless predictions?

I think I picked 92 games last year, so lets go with it again. It's my lottery strategy too. My numbers have to come up sooner or later!

Wimps. I'm going with 95 wins, and I'm supremely confident.

What the hell. Put me down for 90 wins, 68 losses and 4 shootout losses

93 wins. 2nd in division, 1st wild card.

Who's winning the division, Kaz? And Buck, if the Sox are anything like the Bruins, you can reverse the order of losses and shootout losses.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Feelin' optimistic (NO idea why) 82 wins. But, David Ross is going to be missed.

March almost over? February isn't over.
The Butler is still happy the Pats won and Nawtheastin showed style in the dance.
85 wins, including ones that the Butler will miss in anger.

92 Wins and a wild card spot, w/ salsa.

I just don't have enough confidence in the rotation to get to 85 wins, so 84-78 is my prediction. That and Stephen Drew bats under .100 for the MFY.

I am going with 81-81. From worst to first to worst to .500.

I don't think anyone has gone with 88...so there it is. 88 wins and Gronk will spike a ball during the opening day ceremonies - going out on a limb for the latter.

I am going with 101 wins. What the heck. Casillo ROY and Cole Hamels in July.

Well 69 has always been my favorite number sooo, 93-69. convoluted I know but that's the way I roll ;O

101 wins? Wow. I like the cut of your goochers, Jar.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Let it begin...

Bucchholz will be gone by the 4th inning ,and then blame it on the extended OD festivities. Getting booed by the Philly fans during pregame intros will cause a crick in his neck as he constantly looks over his shoulder. Or maybe it's the whiplash from watching balls leave the yard suddenly.

Whatever, it's good that it's back. Hold my calls

yep, the ace left town halfway through last season, and despite a glimmer of hope and promise that he would return, we are left with a bunch of creeps and has-beens to fill out the rotation.

Play ball

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