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We interrupt this snowstorm to bring you a momentary break from retirement

Let it be known that I did not survive the wintah of 2015.


Death by snow shovel. Nobody saw it coming.


Death's a lot coldah than I expected, too.


And I can report there is a definite lack of dahk-eyed virgins.


Only the martyrs get the virgins.


Hey, Ka-boom, say hello to BigBri for me.



A bigger bomb: the 40th anniversary Saturday Night Live "special". So very 1975, but without a homer by Pudge Fisk to send us home fat, drunk and stupid.

I hear the city's proposing to fill Fenway Park as the next snow farm. That way the field is more useful this spring than it was last year.

You didn't think the Pats' victory came without some sort of divine retribution as payment, did you?

Meanwhile pitchers are catchers unofficially reported in Fort Myers today, so there is that.

RIP Leslie Gore-It's my funeral and I'll cry if I want to. OMG,I'm so going to hell...wait a minute,I live in New England ;D

Pity us in Cincinnati in the grip of Winter Storm Whomever. Winter Advisory 4-7" steady snow all day. Schools closed. Drivers slipping and sliding all over the place. All for powdery snow. And they actually think this is the real thing!

Wendell Kim died over the weekend.


BigBri is one of the virgins.

Oh. I guess HB already implied that.

How about this: BigBri is a prized virgin amongst martyrs because he's been the basement so long, his skin is like fine porcelain.

The light at the end of the tunnel is just the gap in the snowbank.

Rudi, it sure as hell isn't the T

What a bunch of brown noser's and teachers pet's--showing up two weeks early to Spring Training--and missing out on all the fun w/ Ice Dams.

Best headline I've seen in awhile (from Yahoo Sports):

"Handwriting expert says A-Rod writes like a girl, has large ego"

No shit.

The only sport without a clock will now have a timer. Which is a sort of clock.


I drove past Fenway Pahk last night. For those of you outside Boston (which usually includes me), rest assured that the moaning coming out of Boston about the recent snowdumps is, if anything, understated. Holy fuck what a mess Boston folks have to put up with. Leaving aside the T (which apparently has been left aside for, roughly, 65 years), the amount of snow/debris/general bullshit in the city is amazing. And I have been shovelling bullshit snow up here since friggin' Thanksgiving.

There will be beisbol at the Fens in April, but it's a bit difficult to comprehend.

chins up,
see you in the Series,

And Sunday we get freezing rain on top of the piles of snow! It's going to go from Snowmageddon to Collapsalooza.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Yawn, or Yoan?


The PawSox are just going to be the PSox or ProvSox soon.

I'd like to think that $63m could have bought some nice pitching.

Marathon,not sprint-We're saving ourselves. ;D

Perhaps the PawSox will move to Quohag...
Unrelated, Papi in the house.

Hello-Is this thing on??

RIP Mr Spock.



Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

...or not ;O

Tap, tsp, tap; is this thing still working?

NYY employee fired after saying some very unpleasant things about Curt Schilling's daughter in Twitter.


I did have some fun things to yak about on Monday. Really I did.

Stay classy, NY.

I'd like to make a few comments about that linked article but I might be accused of cyber-bullying.

I hear BigBri was one of the trolls making a nasty comment about Shilling's daughter. And that he got fired from his job as a, oh, wait, he doesn't have a job.

Cool teeshirt for you Pats fans: http://www.sullysbrand.com/item/822/the-butler-did-it-t-shirt

Rusney has a strained oblique. Looks like Mookie gets the start in center.

Wilfork can play center

And Rousey broke a couple of ribs -- but not her own.

It's going to start getting warmer. By Wednesday or Thursday next week, it could approach 50. It's starting to feel like early-season baseball weather. The kind where I go to the park, buy a couple of Fenway Franks, and put them under my arms. Not so much for warmth, as to absorb their nurturing nutrients.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

So Petey and Xander hitting the shite out of the ball.

I still trust in Bill but it's getting tougher.

I visit here everyday. I'm starting to feel like DiMaggio at the grave of Monroe.

Or whomever leaves the bottle at Edgar's resting place. It is no raven.

We missed you too, A-Rod.

Joe D. Used to leave roses at Monroe's grave every week. And in honor of her many affairs, they were covered in sperm.

(Too much? Too soon? Too something?)

It's worse than DiMaggio--more like waiting for an explanation from Belichick (although he doesn't need to explain anything! Thank you 4 Super Bowls)

H.B., did you build a homemade igloo w/ an Aquavit bar? Twigs, berries in the sauna....?

Am I the only one here who thought I would always hate the name Mookie? And yet...

Happy(2nd) Friday the 13th all.

Remember: If there had not been Bob Stanley, Mookie wouldn't have happened. Let's place blame in its proper place.

So many people changing jobs, so many beer carts to say get The Hell Out of Here.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Anyone have an ace up their sleeve? Or perhaps a two of spades, I'd take that. Kelly hurt. And I hear that LC will be moved into the 5th spot on the rotation.

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