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Officially retired, unofficially creeping along...

Lisa the Temp:
You know the old phrase asking the last one out to please turn off the lights?


Lisa the Temp:
Well, I've got something to tell you, peeps...


Lisa the Temp:
The lights are automatic!


Lisa the Temp:
I know. Crazy, right?



This did my heart good. Go Sox!

:phthunk :phthunk

Is this thing on?

Aristocrat. Us poor people don't have auto lights.

Well, at least Lisa isn't deflated.

I guess Bob beat me to it. I was going to write "Lisa doesn't like deflated balls" or something similar.

If you are looking for H.B. you can find at Denny's for the early bird special.

Ask not for whom the ball deflates...

Hail and farewell h.b.
Science content:
Did you know tires (and by extension, footballs) lose pressure in cold weather. After all, that's why some teams put balls in heated containers, ovens or in the locker room until needed.

h.b. has a rather long way to go in retirement to equal the Butler in inactivity.
This house has automatic lights in a bathroom. It's fun activating them in the middle of the night after he goes to bed. I blame Emi. Yeah, that's it I shall blame Emi.

Science content. Part II. You need a baseline measurement for comparisons. As in 'what is the average psi of a post-game football in January'? Not to be confused with the average airspeed of an unladen swallow.

What do you mean? African or European swallow?

Doesn't matter. I don't like coconuts.

Steroids cause testicular shrinkage. So the Seahawks are also deflating their balls.

I'm getting a good laugh out of listening to my MFY friends bitch about the Pats cheating.

The refs checked the balls according to the rules. The balls passed.

Someone complained during the game and the refs checked at halftime, they failed and were replaced with ones that passed at half time.

Game over.

So, unless there's footage of Tom Brady huffing air out of the balls on the sideline or with a needle slid under his thumbnail in the huddles, then I don't care why they failed at halftime. No rules were broken, no cheating, just whatever happened happened.

But because it's the Pats and Belichick doesn't play patty-cake with the media, every new "fact" gets spun the same way and the narrative writes itself.

And with 40 plus ESPN video cameras and countless photographers on site, if somebody was deflating footballs we would have a picture.

Seems like a lot of fuss over a non issue. Lots of players in all sports did steroids and HGHs. THAT is a bomb that goes off whenever a former pro athlete's doctor sends him to an endocrinologist.

Domestic violence? Just throw together some actors crying and call it good.

Steroids, etc? Move along, nothing to see here.

Concussions, CTE? Meh, faux science.

Deflated balls?! That's a fucking big deal that has now left a permanent stain on the Shield. A plague on the Kraft house!

Gotta love some of the NY papers-Pats must forfeit the Super Bowl!!,Belechick must be banned from the game!! F'kin Tools. Haters gonna hate.

You have to admit, this taints "the legacy" forever.

There are far too many tainted legacies in the 21st century and we aren't even a quarter into it yet...

Troy Aiken was on the radio yesterday claiming 11 under inflated footballs is as bad as the Saints intentionally trying to injure opponents, and thus Brady and Bellichick should be suspended for at least a year.

Trying to reenergize his "legacy"?? ;D

I, unfortunately, agree with hb that the legacy has been forever tainted. It was already tarnished after Spygate and now this makes it even worse. Which is a shame because the team is so damn good and can win without cheating. So instead of celebrating Brady's 4th ring and Belichick's genius, we get this. This sucks.

Taint? You all know what a taint is, right? That area between Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Didn't we just have a Snowmageddon?

Stay safe Nor'east creeps. Sunny and 70 again in NorCal - soon to be a desert.

Stay warm and safe homies. If any one ventures out to the great Portsmouth snowball fight,see if you can find a starting pitcher's arm among the combatants.

looks like snow.


Oh the weather outside is frightful... ;D

I am only doing this so I won't get fined.
I am only doing this so I won't get fined.

Kudos to the unknown soul who shoveled off the Marathon finish line. Boston Strong. ;)


Best comment I saw about the Marathon Finish line shoveler:

Did he claim the space he shoveled with a chair so he can win next year's marathon?

He was actually a tourist from Finland.

Good to see you're still around,Jason.

My old college roommate from Los Angeles keeps emailing me unbelievable witty comments such as, "It's so cold here, I may have to put on long pants."

Well, you know what, Karl? We have seasons here in Boston. Including the NFL season. Does that term confuse you, Karl? "NFL"? I can see how a Los Angeleno such as yourself might find that as baffling as "history" and "intelligence."

Oh well. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. But we won't, you know. We'll all be very depressed on Monday. But that's just the way the gooches crumble.

Did anybody hear Roger Goodell's press conference. What a plonker. He should have just repeated over and over "I am just here so I won't get fined"..

Go Patriots!!!!

Just so long as the Pats have a score ending in 9 in the first and third quarters, and the half time they have a score ending in 8 and the final ending in 5, PROVIDED the Seahawks have 6 ending the first and third, 5 at halftime and 3 at the end...

I simply could not let this pass:

Last night, during a bit slamming past Grammy winners:

"Madonna - the only thing A-Rod can still hit!"

On Saturday Night Live, that was.

kinda down, it's now early monday morn, haven't had a boston championship in more than two hours.

I tired. But very happy. I can feel my optic nerves.


The Golden Age of Boston sports.

I was promised jet packs

Smiling sharks kind of sounds like flying cars.

Some days you are the left shark; some days you are the right shark.

Warren, (What a)Sapp! When I need to, I get paid a handful of liver snaps, svp!
Why pay to do something they will pay you to do, Sapp!
The Butler says it's not as easy as it seems for you humans. Now, back to my spot on the water heater, enjoying my superiority.

Warren Sapp is loathsome. I think he might be BigBri. Although he's obviously far more intelligent than BB.

Maybe the Pats taint-age will be seen in retrospect as merely a sign of the ICritical times, and just something else that they ultimately overcame along with the vanquished Seahawks.

The Butler did it.

Taint? My ass - or close.

Just coming out of a haze now. Watching the game again last night on NFL network with the audio from Brady and the others was very cool. Somehow didn't think Butler was going to make it - even on the re-replays. Kinda like DR and the steal.

Anyway fuck the taint - need to drag up all the shit the other "dynasty's" were doing back in the day. Then we can talk about wins being tainted.

Daylight come and me wanna go home...six foot seven foot eight foot SNOW!

I say,Live it or live with it. ;O

Truck day cancelled? Snowed out?

C'mon HB, once a week...purty please.

I loaded trucks in ten feet of snow in 100 MPH winds that were parked on a grade so steep, it was rated "Expert"! And there wasn't a fancy chairlift to get you to the truck, noooo! You had to carry those 110 pound boxes in your bare hands. That's the way it was...AN' WE LIKED IT! ;-0

Red Sox the 8th best team in baseball right now?


8th? Well, they sure weren't the #1 in 2013. Not until the end, anyway.

Happy Truck Day, creeps!

I hope the truck took some snow with it. From my driveway.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

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