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Retirement continues apace...

Hey, three stahtahs for the price of one!


It's Black Friday on Yawkey Way.


No lefties, no ace but look an 80 inch flat screen!



All I can say is that at least Lester can have an off year that no one will notice, or be upset over.
If you buy that one, I have a bridge to sell you.

New strip! I'm as happy as a schoolgirl with a new jump rope and a boyfriend who's into auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Santa,you got my letter!!!

Given the inconsistency of starting pitchers, I think I'm ok with the idea of loading up with 7 #3 starters and seeing which one has a break out season. Odds are one of them will. Seems like a safer bet than giving Lester $150 million and hoping we don't get 2012 Lester.

Meanwhile the SB almost disappeared on Brady's sideline scramble.

It'll be good to see Masterson in the right uniform again.

Still digesting Tom Brady's nutrition & "performance" schedule--

At least there is no chance of Eli ruining another Patriots season in the Super Bowl.

COD, you're right, but Pete Carroll certainly could :(

So, it turns out that Theo was going to give Lester more money no matter what anybody else offered. That's the sort of info it'd be great to know beforehand, to create some hilarious (and franchise-ruining) results. "The Red Sox offered Jon Lester $300,000,000 over three years, but the Cubs ponied up a bit more."

still a sucker bet.
glad to see new content. I guess this means I have to come up with a Christmas poem again this year. If I could only remember anything about the 2014 season. (What rhymes with Cespedes?)

@sdu check your email.


Festivus for Cespedes?

And you can now get three Cubans for the old price of one...

That's true, Chip. With normalized relations between the U.S. and Cuba, Cuban ballplayers will be a dime a dozen. So now there'll be a Cespedes for the rest of us.

Now we have to find some other under-sized island nation to piss on.

I believe the British will give us a go for the Faulklands.

Hurry, Hyman Roth is slicing up Cuban cake for everybody!

This (gasp for air) is the business (gasp for air) we have chosen (gasp for air)!

I wonder if Johnny Ola's old haunts are still in business.

Can't get that image of Fredo and the donkey girl out of my head. Thanks guys. ;D

Holiday party this afternoon, then two weeks off. It's the kind of schedule I could get used to. Sort of like a starting pitcher with a hangnail.

The Internets are claiming that Middlebrooks is going to the Padres for our new back up catcher.

Our party is this evening - dinner at an Italian place, with an open bar. Glad my wife will be there to drive me home.

Yes,that new backup catcher is Ryan Hanigan.

"H, A, single-N, I, G-A-N, that's Hanigan." (For all of you James Cagney fans out there.)

Well, I'm off to the party, then a staycation for the next couple of weeks. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Yay for new strip! @lc have done, will reply presently. In other news:


RIP Joe Cocker, an original and one of the reasons creeps like us can walk the earth and be called sir..."without being told you're making a scene."- Homer Simpson.
I bet he's having a Blue Ribbon with John Belushi right now, if there's any justice in the jungle.

Unfortunately we do have something to yak about on Monday. ;(

So, Cole Hamels.

(No, the Sox didn't trade for him. Was just wondering what you creepy people think about him.)

Merry Christmas Creeps!

Merry Christmas everyone!

yes indeed. Everyone stay safe, healthy and warm. Thanks for the may gifts of creepitude and may your stockings be stuffed and overflowing

Have a fine Christmas, or Festivus, or Quanzaa. I have this place, Chez Creepy, as I want it! My daughter is distracted by the Maid's daughter. They deserve one another. The Butler flew to Boston for the Pats game, family to inflict himself upon, and the ceremonial hoisting of the Festivus pole.

Just want a real #1 starter but would settle for a bottle of 20 yr old Elijah Craig.

Have a happy safe Christmas all.

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