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Pass the gravy

Holy shit, Hanley and Sandoval and soon Lestah?


This isn't a hot stove, it's a nucleah reactah fercrissakes.


Not that I'm complaining. It's a clean heat source.



What?? Am I hallucinating here?

Hanley Ramirez comes back to the Red Sox. Full 'Circle'?

Stock up the clubhouse with bamboo; the Panda is here and he's hungry.

Wow! What a day already. I lost $20 on the train but get a new strip. I figure am way ahead today.

Oh yea. Getting Panda and Hanley is pretty good too.

In best Harry Caray voice:

"How about that?"

hb: glad the fiyahs are still burning.

in re: Hanley; short money (relatively speaking). He's a bad guy in the dressing room, ever since I saw him play with the C Dawgzzzz. Never spoke to anyone in the dugout and always sat by himself.

in re: Pandaval. Pandas beat Wallys.

I would give Thanks for Chris Sale. Just saying.


And Panda will slide nicely over into the DH spot when Papi retires in 2-9 years.

Now, where's Lestah?

The Butler is as excited as he wants to be about this, saying: "OK, now, with two guys that are so slow, a faster hitter behind them is frustrated he can't advance."
Now, back to my favourite nook to continue hibernating.

Going monthly, hb? It could work for me. I was about to drop this creepy little corner of cyberspace from my favorites, but for now, it's staying.
Prior to the Sox signings my highlight of the week was when the snow bands didn't bury my mansion. (The Chairman not withstanding...)That and seeing Daffy Duck as the victim in the "Niagara Falls" vaudeville skit with Elmer Fudd, funnier than the Three Stooges or Abbott and Costello versions!
Slowwy I turned, and step by step, inch by inch...

Panda, Hanley, and a new strip?! So much to be thankful for today. Thanks, hb!

woohoo - nipples hard. Ready for spring training! Go get pitching - it's fake money anyway.

Oh, and thanks HB.

take it at the pace that works for you, hb... ditto, ben cherington... amen to all...

Pablo sounds like Little Papi, or Kung Fu Papi...& yes, things happen in threes...Sandoval, Ramirez & H.B. (for now!)

Thanks for posting ... an occasional post is better than nothing.

This strip may be a day old, but to me it looks as new as the first day The Lovely Ginger took the stage at The Glass Slipper.

Half day today. Full days tomorrow and Friday. All of last week off. I like this "work 2.5 days every two weeks" schedule.

Have a great weekend (and Thanksgiving) all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you creeps! (even the cat)

Oh and to anyone that doesn't believe in the cover jinx, see Gray, Jonas. Benched and got his car towed.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the creepsters!

Bring on the next 100 posts ;D

Monday's tough enough
Without the holiday haze
Today, laughter hurts.

At this rate we'll be at 100 by the time pitchers and catchers report. ;D

Tuesday's tough enough
Without the holiday haze
Today, breakfast hurts.

Can we sign Lester already?

Sorry - no haiku. Zero creativity today.

Hail Kung Fu Panda
Welcome Hanley Ramírez
Now go get Lestah!

R.I.P., Jean Beliveau, a worthy adversary if there ever was one.

Le Gros Bill was one of the few players on the Canadiens who won't go straight to hell. Oh, he'll still suffer in purgatory for half of eternity, but that's better than having anal sex with Hitler and George Steinbrenner 24/7.

I thought Hitler was impotent.

Hell is well-stocked with Viagra. Viagra, pitchforks and Yankee memorabilia.

...but do they have Mr.Coffee?? ;O

The coffee maker (no) or Joe DiMaggio (yes)?

Jean Beliveau and Joe DiMaggio were two of a kind. You never saw them in anything other than tailored business suits and they both had your respect and attention the moment they entered the room.
I also pleasantly recall a kid wearing number 4 for the B's steal the puck right off Beliveau's stick, and making Gump Worseley flail in vain at it.

My butler is so creepy, he'll never dress as Santa Claus even for the most desperate of Malls.
"I saw Mommy doing Santa Claus, underneath the mistletoe last night..."

Always liked Gump,one of the last goalies to put on a mask(but with a mug like his,why bother??) ;O

Jean B. was super. Joe D. was supercilious.

RIP Ian McLagen.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

.....or not

The weather outside is frightful, but inside it's so, uh, so much like another day in the salt mines.

So, Lester picks a team today. I put the Sox chances at about 15%.

The MFYs at 10%,The Cubbies 20%, the Giants 20%, LA, 10% for the Dodgers and >1% for the Halos. The A's keeping him? >1%...
The prospects for him lean toward the National league, where he would bookend either Bumgarner in SF or Kershaw with the Dodgers. No one in Cubbies rotation worthy of bookending Jon.

...and the winner is Theo.

I'm going to downgrade the Sox chances to .00001%. (Earthquake levels Wrigley Field and kills all members of the Cubs, their front office, and ownership.)

Wooo. That's a lot of money right there for a pitcher in his 30s.

Somebody on Twitter yesterday said that Lester was just a slightly better Bruce Hurst.

Jon Lester: 116-67, 3.60 ERA, 1.28 WHIP

Bruce Hurst: 145-113, 3.92 ERA, 1.33 WHIP

So they just avoided paying $150MM for a 30+ version of a slightly better Bruce Hurst? I think I can live with that.

Looks like a sucker bet to me. I felt this before, but just seeing the numbers confirms it,


The Sox are Darcy. If you need an explanation, Mudville Sabres GM (Until he was fired ten years too late) Darcy Regier had an annoying habit of making VERY lowball offers to potentially pricy veteran players, and not budging.
SO: Darcy, noun, To lowball and piss off a veteran player on any roster in any sport and refuse to budge toward market value during free agency. Too many Sabre vets left pissed off. As a Bruins fan I saw Harry Sinden do this, but not at Darcy's dismal level of intentional failure to hold costs down.
The Sox have a long way to go to achieve their 1987-2002 fiscal Darcy, but it walks like Darcy, talks like Darcy and just might be a Darcy.
Many working stiffs can relate.

Would have been nice to have Lestah back in the fold, but I agree the price was just too steep. But what the hell is Plan B?

Max Scherzer for $200M?

Apropos of nothing, if your last name were Lester, wouldn't you name your son Moe?

And when he was young, people would ask, "Is that the child, Moe Lester?"

agreed that Lestah the molestah isn't worth $155M at his age, but let's not lose sight of the fact that he could have been locked up at this time last year for a number significantly south of that. I think we could have lived with 5@$115 or so, which would have gotten it done. Plus he has the body type to still be effective well into his 30s, so it wouldn't surprise me if he gives the Cubbies 4+ really good years

Sox effed up and now will have to give up some hallowed prospects PLUS $125 large to get less of a return

In between 2007 & 2013 Lester had several very mediocre years --he's due, Theo!
The Red Sox probably got his best years, and are not saddled w/ a long Yankee-esque contract. Too bad $20 million a year isn't enough, but I'll bet Cherington& Lucchino breathe a sigh of relief.

Meh, never expected him back. Life goes on...

Buck, why do you think he would have taken 5 at $115?

In retrospect, I get the feeling he was going to free agency no matter what. I think 5 at $115 would have been laughed at just as the 4 at $70 was.

A Cubs WS win would benefit all of MLB, and almost every franchise's value more than another Red Sox romp. Lift all boats.

Meanwhile, can't Brock Holt throw a few innings?

I seriously doubt Scherzer will be interested in the Sox lowball offer. Greatest fear the MFYs will pony up.

Sox acquire Tigers right-hander Rick Porcello in exchange for outfielder Yoenis Cespedes.

I'm good with Porcello for a guy who doesn't know how to work a count. There is no doubt in my mind the MFY will panic in January and pony up stupid, stupid money for Scherzer. Boras is sitting in his office cackling at the thought right now. Green and McCarthy are gone, Kuroda is probably retiring, Sabathia has no reason to improve over last year's debacle, and Tanaka is a time-bomb waiting for his elbow to explode. Nova and Pineda aren't dependable. As they've added no hitting to a team that didn't hit if their starting rotation is weak they are looking at a very long season

He's a good #3. So our rotation has a couple #3s and a bunch of 4s - full house. Just need to score 8 runs/game.

As somebody said on WEEI - "no Ace, just five dudes".



Prediction, The five Dudes lead us to a World Series, and we overload on The Dudes Abide puns during the season.

I still think they're going to get an ace. More likely, a nominal ace. Somebody who's the definite #1 amongst this group, but would be a #2 on a lot of other teams. An Acelette. Mini Ace. Ace Hardware.

...trade Bogaerts & Middlebrooks for Hamels & contract--bring up Marrero!

If Masterson and Bucholtz are healthy, we'll be okay in the regular season, because this lineup is going to score a ton of runs. Playoffs are a different matter - they'll have to pick up an ace at the deadline to contend. Price, Grinke or Zimmerman, anybody?

My biggest complaint with the Sox Hot Stove is letting Andrew Miller sign with the mfy's.

...and the last time Masterson and Bucholtz were healthy was?? Just sayin'

Well, an active week, if not a perfect one. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Dear Santa,all I want for Christmas is a new Soxaholix strip,my old one is getting a little frayed around the edges. Your buddy,Harwich ;)

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