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She turned me into a newt

Korean Supafan, zero effect.


Moose Antlah guy, zero effect.


Lorde, I'm looking the fuck at you.



Didn't the Royals score a run? Or was I having a Bumgartner-induced stroke?

She blinded me with science!!

Yes, Royals scored. I was thinking in games originally, i.e, 1-0, and forgot to fix it. Fixing now.

The mojo index is trending Giants but, mojo is tricky, and dangerous. Royals fans need to chill, have a brisket sandwich and then hit rewind.
Now the best reason for Royals fans to hold out hope. They face Peavey tonight. Yes Mr. Box a Chocolates (Think Forrest Gump)and remember ya never know what yer gon' git..

Lorde. It's Lorde - unless you're referring to Madonna's daughter, Lourdes? Anyway, Puddles did a better job with "Royals". F the Yankees.

Fucking Lorde.

And fucking Madonna's daughter, too. And Muhammed's.

And I meant "Eurasian elk antlah guy."

The only lucky charms you need are Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval on the roster.

I thought Moose hung around with squirrels, not Royals.
R: And now it's time-
B: Time for that jolly juggler, Bullwinkle!
R: Oh, dear.
(Throws balls into the air)
B: Three at once!
(gets hit on head by third ball)
R: And now, Jake Peavey!

can't wait for tomorrow's Heckle and Jeckle callback.


Harold Reynolds is worse than a tree stump at announcing the World Series. The tree stump knows when to shut up.

The island Venezuela? Really, Harold? If the score is 4-0, a grand slam won't give them the lead either. I'd rather listen to Suzy Kolber gush over who is in Steinbrenner's box.

When did Kapler's teeth turn blinding white - the dude is like a younger George Hamilton (look it up).

All tied up heading into San Francisco. (A line which has been uttered more than once by that city's large S&M population.)

".... in Steinbrenner's box." Did he get trans surgery? No wonder he'd been out of the news, unlike his (in)famous father

I once sat in the box next to old Boss Steinbrenner's at old-ish Skankee Stadium. My friend reached under the small gap where the wall didn't quite reach the floor, and grabbed a pair of women's high heels. We threw them onto the screen over the field. Then later, we heard a woman asking Georgie, "Have you seen my shoes, What happened to my shoes? Has anyone...oh SHIT!"

So, Joe Madden opted out of his Rays contract. Wonder where he's going?

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Joe G. is nervous. Maddon in NYC

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