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It goes on...

Well, to anyone silly enough to think Jetah's 24/7 Retirement Tour would be the last we'd hear of him, may I present "The Players Tribune."


Will the past person in the Boston Globe Sports Department please turn out the lights.



Past person, last person, it's all the same.

Was kind of rooting for the Pirates last night, but that game was essentially over after 3 1/2.

It won't be long for the Globe, not just the sports department. It'll be more like the A's departure than the Pirates, who never found their bearings after that pounding in the 3rd.
When I was trying to get an education without much in the way of intelligence, I was told: "Newspaperswilldieintheirownfuckingbile." The Doc wasn't wrong.

So Jeter is building a blogging platform for athletes? I wonder how many millions he is spending recreating Blogspot or Wordpress.com.

Sit down and eat your pb&j sandwich,Jeets.

Jeez, he's been retired for 3 days and already back in the news? Go take some time off already, Jeets. And Go Royals!

Damn, I wanted a Royals/Pirates World Series because that would just be really cool and interesting to watch.

Oh well. Orioles/Nationals or Royals/Nationals would be fun.

wow, the guy just won't go away.


You want I should make him go away, LC?


Tumbleweeds roll by
Crickets chirp their lonesome song
Movie cliches rule

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

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