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So when I heard that two San Francisco radio station are banning that "Royals" song by Lourdes, I was like c'mon that song has nothing to do with the baseball the team...


Then I find out, well, it is pretty much inspired by the baseball team.


Crazy right? I mean Kansas City has the Lourdes song and the Korean SupahFan?! How can they lose?


Well, if you're scoring this at home, I don't think 1 Korean Supah Fan and 1 17 year old New Zealand girl with a George Brett crush equals a Dominican Lucky Midget, but I confess I'm biased.



If only they had a 17 year old New Zealand midget...

...or a 17 year old New Zealand midget Real Doll ;D

Mojo matters, brothers and sisters in creepiness. I feel a lot from both teams, but the Giants have lost some of theirs after the San Francisco Bay radio stations dropped "Royals", but Lourdes ain't my style. Radio boycotts are for dreadful teams that have no relevance.
The Giants have Journey and Huey Lewis. The Royals have country singers about whom I am ignorant.
"The Stones, I love the Stones, catch them whenever I can-- Fred and Barney"- Steven Wright, Harvard class of 1975, or 1976, or 1977. Sox fan.

"The Giants have Journey and Huey Lewis"

That's not a ringing endorsement.

I just want the Korean guy to be happy, and BBQ is big in KC and Korea.

Also Nancy Pelosi is on a losing streak.


I have a 17-year old New Zealand midget RealDoll. It's called DownUnder Barbie. (So yes, when somebody says, "Throw another shrimp on the Barbie," it is a sex joke.)

I really hope the Royals win. But I'll stick with my pick: Giants in 7.

Well Bob,at least you didn't say throw another shrimp IN the Barbie. ;O

Nancy Pelosi, one of a select group of humans the butler gives the middle name Fucking to, along with Bucky Dent.
Giants? I am sleek and compact, Royal? Indeed, humans.

I am surprised at what they consider music nowadays...

god help me, I am a college graduate, and I don't understand that cat shit at all.


lc - could be a medical issue. You should schedule a cat scan. hehe. actually, I don't get it either. Go Royals!

My Boss' rants are his own. I only am responsible for about half of it, depending on who is at my kitchen/computer table with fresh coffee. That we get silly is in keeping with this creepy blog and comic strip. Now, what do the Rozzers want now?

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