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Happy Columbus Day

To all of you fortunate enough to count today as a holiday, Happy Columbus Day.


And to all of you who still have to drag your sorry asses into work, may you join me in petty jealousy and scorn for not counting today as a holiday.


The dude Columbus didn't even find what he was looking for.


Seriously, it's like, "I can't find my car keys but I found the TV remote behind the couch cushion, give me a holiday already."


And he didn't "discovah" anything that the Vikings hadn't already known about.


But how 'bout those ships names, tho?


I agree you gotta give the win there to Columbus. Nobody beats the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.


Meanwhile, this is all going to be moot once it all officially becomes "Indigenous Peoples’ Day."


Seriously, then if you don't give people the day off you're a racist.


And worse then Hitlah.


And Daniel Snydah.



Well, both Hitler and Snyder left before the game was over because things weren't going their way.

God bless Vespucciland. ;D

Worse than Hitler? That would be Mr. Hilter, Ron Vibbentrop, and Heimlich Bimmler, planning their hike to Bideford.

There's your problem! That's a map of Stalingrad. You want the Minehead section.

On Metro Friday I noticed the guy across from me had the Green Monster tatooed on his arm, complete with the scoreboard. I couldn't make out the exact game, but I took a wild guess and asked him if it was game 4 of the 2004 ACLS.

It was.

My slept in an extra 30 minutes and still got to work at the same time. I wish every day was Columbus Day.

Hitler was a choke artist.

Fuck him.


I had Santa Maria-style BBQ last night. In honor of Columbus Day. It with either that, or Nina-style tapas.

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