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"Growing old; it was a funny thing to happen to a young boy."

And to Korean supahfan SungWoo Lee.


Imagining what he must be feeling right now stirs up lots of memories from Octobah 2004.


I remembah it like is was yestahday.



"It's just a shoe, for fuck's sake"

Classic, hb

Yeah, that made me laugh rereading it.

Good for KC. And how about the Nats' Williams pulling a reverse-Grady and yanking his starter too soon? They must be killing him in DC.

That would require people here in DC to really care. There is just no comparing a real baseball town like Boston with DC. DC has all the passion this week of Red Sox Spring Training.

DC is a place where security checkpoints, immobile traffic and paranoia are the things most cherished. A mere baseball game is just a potential terrorist target, so get out the trailers, the tanks and armored cars, and establish a perimeter for YOUR safety. Inside the beltway there exists a culture that assimilates those willing to endure it. It has all the charm of an old Soviet outpost, where all the people have been made into lifeless drones, soulless tools of their masters. And to think slaves once went there to be free. Now, you pay them to enslave you, and if you are a willing drone, you like it.

Ever since he went there, the butler has been more paranoid than he normally is. He just might microwave my fancy feast, lest it may contain biological agents. He needs a few days in the mountains of (Censored by the secretary of the Chairman, who is convinced her ex-cat is nuts.)

Tell us how you really feel Cmdrflake ;)

Sungwoo Lee's wife is complaining that he has pine tar too far up the shaft of his, uh, "bat".

and, now, we sail through the land of "cats" and "bats".



This strip is morphing into "The Catatonix" ;O

I thought I saw the spirit of Dr. Seuss on this creepy outpost ;)

The Patriots won last night night because they ran the damn ball. Brady-mania is so crazy that the announcers referred to the Patriots success running vs the Bengals and then cited Tom's three scrambles!

Went to BWW for dinner last night outside Baltimore. Despite being the 7th inning of the O's game, the place had cleared out after the Ravens lost. Then I went to the gym this am, the morning after the O's swept the Tigers. Saw two O's tee shirts and one O's cap, out of maybe 50 early risers. I guess their one O's shirt was in the wash. What a bunch of weak fans. They deserve their owner.

*** Tuesday Update ***

Got nothing today.

I Got Nothing 2: The Awakening.

If my boss finds out his suspension is meaningless, he'll likely glare at me until he gets bored. He is asleep in his favorite spot for this time of day.
I liked the Giants defensive approach, get everything or get embarrassed. They lost, but showed their true selves.

The Lachen looked sharp last night


...cause I got nothing. ;D

*** Weds 10/8 ***

Still nothing. Work is killing me. What can you do?

Relax, hb. Josh Beckett has decided to retire. Come February, who knows? We all need that recharge time in our lives, never mind the damage it does to our finances...

I see a Popeye's chicken franchise in Beckett's future.

I see Beckett starting his own franchise: Waiting for Cookie Dough.

Beckett. Good player but he was no Mike Lowell.

He's got nothing.


The phone call...it's coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!

Have a good Columbus day everybody.See you all Tuesday(maybe)

Have a good Columbus day everybody.See you all Tuesday(maybe)



DC will be a ghost town on Monday, but I will be at work. Life in the private sector...

Some people get Monday off? Really?

I do, but as The Oatmeal showed me the way, I celebrate Bartolome instead.


My boss is very angry. I am pleased that he's angry. After all I am so creepy, people wait for me to finish pumping my gas into my CreepMobile, just to be "safe".
I am the creepiest man in the world.
Stay creepy my friends.
Remain creepy my enemies.

Skanks re-signed Cashman to a 3-year deal. Most appropriately named GM in sports history. "Brian." It just fits him.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

*** Got Nothing, Tuesday ***

Oh, also I'll be out of town on a business trip Thu-Monday, so I may just take the rest of the week. Who knows?

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