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Autumn Hiatus

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I'm about to go out of town on a business trip, so seems like the perfect time for a hiatus.

Nothing new here until Tuesday, October 21, at the earliest.




I had a hiatus once. The surgeon used mesh to help close it.

(Have fun in Bangkok, H.B. Or is it Butte, Montana?)

I had a Hiatus, it was cranky, handled poorly in the unplowed streets of Somerville, got 11 MPG from its 200hp 4L V6, cost a fortune to insure and, like a certain Sox player, was worth the bother sometimes.
This hiatus will enable me to maintain my Boss' suspension, too.

Hi back to you too, h.b.!

(hi at us)

So, Kansas City. Good BBQ, anyway.

I live near Hy-Anus and I've got nothing,Dammit.

KC generating lots of predictable talk about the ascendancy of small-market, small-ball teams. But real lesson of 13Sox and 14KC: No matter what else you do, just be very lucky. Bad news for MFY: Can't buy that.

The '13 Sox won 97 games. They were anything but "lucky." And despite the fact that KC only won 89 games this year, no less an authority than Tito Francona called them the best team in the AL.

This matchup is a head scratcher, but if karma mojo is stacked up against experience mojo and with so much being equal, Giants. But, KC is under a cloud of future uncertainty (free agency, costly contract terms) and will feel like it's now or never.
Hang on. This baby's going six games minimum, unless Giants get silly pitching and luck. Silly wins almost every time it's tried, ain't reliable, ask the Rays, but look at 2004, 2007 and 2013, silliness and urgency. That says Giants, too. They have Hunter Pence, their Dustin Pedroia, just taller...

Read an article somewhere earlier this week that said to achieve 95% statistical certainty that the best team won, the World Series needs to be 200 something games.

Let's go KC!!

At least the Pats won on a block off. Tip your waitress.

Pats need a better defense to make it through the playoffs.

I like KC just to keep the pink hats quiet out here...

Time to do my 3-hour corporate compliance test. It's just like online gaming, except tedious and severely lacking in gratuitous violence.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

World Series predictions?

I want KC in 7.

But I say San Francisco in 7.

KC in six.

Giants in 5.

KC in 7 (4 games will go extras)

KC in 6.

Sox in '15.

KC in 4. Korean kid becomes new rally monkey.

My maid is Korean by birth, and likes the Royals, because they have what "I like", what ever that is.
The butler is exceptionally grumpy as he's in last place in a fantasy league and apparently catching hell for it. worse, his running backs are gone, his- I thought I banned you! Sorry I cut this beast off, but I AM the LAW, despite assertions to the contrary.

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