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10 Years

So the Red Sox need an ace. Who knew?


Yeah, I can just see Cherington and the gang sitting around a table in the front office saying, "OK, we've got a solid lineup at the plate, the infield is good, and the outfield as well, but I dunno, fellas, I can't help but feel that we are forgetting something."


Oh, and guess what, if the Giants win this World Series they will have, gasp, tied the Red Sox for most World Series titles in the 21st Century.


If that happens, I'll be so angry that I'll tear someone's lips off... yeah, that's what I'm gonna do.


Meanwhile, 10 years ago today...


Yeah, kinda puts whining ovah the lack of a Bumganah into perspective.



This year, I'm sticking with my pick of the Giants in 7.

For 2004, call me crazy, but I'm going with the Red Sox in a sweep.

Sox didn't even play in the WS in 2004, they just floated through it... As for pitching, it's over-rated: they got through the entire four games without ever needing Curtis Leskanic.

it was a good time, all around.


I could of used that Patriots beat down of the Bears in January 1986.

Put Madison Bumgarner alongside the likes of Sandy Koufax, Bob Gibson and Mickey Lolich, who just dare you to beat them and then beat you.

But first, I gotta take a wiz...

Just make sure you don't do it on the electric fence.

*** Got Nothing Tuesday 10/28 ***

Well, not exactly nothing as still have warm memories from waking up 10 years ago and realizing it really did happen the night before.

@hb. That's plenty.


I had that warm glow this morning, too. And then I realized I was spooning with the corpse of Nelson de la Rosa.

Ah, it is a wonderful day, aside from the maid's little one putting me in that box and then oh, my, my yes.
Ten human years ago? The maid was in what she calls college then. Now everyone calls her Mom, except me, that is. Now, the butler is grumpy about something as usual.

My boss left his box like Freddy Mercury. I don't have that level of nastiness to tell him about Sir* Fredrick.
His entrance was something that had to be experienced, unlike, oh, Tug McGraw, or Paps coming in out of the pen...
Where's the disinfectant, anyway?
* He came very close to a Knighthood, believe it or not.

Peavy tonight, Game 7 tomorrow

So what if you had a team that was 25 clones of Koji? http://www.fangraphs.com/not/dangerous-experiment-a-roster-of-25-adam-dunns/

*** Weds Update ***

Another in-early and busy day at the office.

It's National Cat Day. Please tell me that's just a horrible coincidence for why you're taking today off....

Jose Conseco shoots himself in the hand and may lose finger-no surprise there,he's been shooting himself in the foot for years.

... and giving everyone the finger

EVERY day is feline day. Cat day? So, VERY un-PC. Get it right, stupid humans.

There is a worse place Canseco could have shot himself... :0!

Soxinsix - Nice call yesterday.

What was Peavey, 1-9 with the Sox this year? Not a big reach to call another loss for him. Go KC!

I rolled over on Nelson de la Rosa this morning and killed him again.

moreover, it's still not Tribe Time (look it up).


Well, I was unfortunately right with my Giants in 7 prediction. They're following the path of their football twins, the New York Football Giants: Mediocre regular seasons, followed by successful playoff runs.

I'm on hiatus. ;D

Dammit. Kudos to Baumgarner though. Quite a performance throughout the post-season.

MB was pretty awesome. But, he pitched something like 7,800 innings (actually 270) this year, so that seems like a lot.


Sorry all. I'd plan to do a strip today but the morning got out of control.

I hope MB doesn't have the same issue as Foulke in 2004. He pitched in 11/14 post-season games, and then was never the same pitcher again.

RIP Mayor Menino.

Going into my last meeting of the day. Then a 3-day weekend for me, and I only have to work on 2 of those days!

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Youk retired...didn't know he was still playing. Thanks for the rings.

I am so creepy that when I compliment a good looking woman it's usually followed by .."You got your ID in the wallet, sir?"
I am the creepiest man in the world.
Stay creepy my friends.
Stay creepy my enemies.
And be glad I don't have to give Madison Bumgarner a new pickup truck GM/Chevy couldn't sell otherwise. ;-)

$18MM/2 years for Koji? Seems a bit steep.

In costume at 6 AM this AM (Jayne Cobb from Firefly) and drinking a beer in the office at 9:30 AM. I love my job.

Stay creepy my friends, and if you are venturing out tonight, stay safe!

COD, are you hiring? Sounds like I'm qualified....

If you are a Drupal developer Buckner we probably do have a job for you!

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