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Yeah, there is that

The Pirates are so playoff hungry even the ballgirl is playing well.


You know, I'm as optimistic about the 2015 lineup as the next guy...


But that pitching, tho?





Well that link was depressing on all sorts of levels. RIP Major Donahue and thank you for your service. My condolences to his family, particularly to any friends and family that read this creep strip.

The Pirates are where we were about 15 years ago. Feels like it was longer than that, but after my run down there, and seeing how energized their fans are, I hope they can enjoy the ride.
That the Stillrs suck, is a bonus, all they can wish for is giving the Browns a wedgie.

The butler is so creepy he almost always has a bus to himself. The people that were in one ahead of him, get off blocks from where they wanted to get off, just to avoid him.
He is the creepiest man in the world. And as always when he feels creepier,, he reads Soxaholix.
Stay creepy his enemies, dare I add that includes me?

"Pitching"? I call it Tee-balling.

Seems like only yesterday we were complaining about having TOO many pitchers and where to put them all. Now I call it Tea bagging ;O

This is great:


The mechanical Tori Hunter falling over the fence at around 1:09 cracks me up.

Touch of fall in the air today. You know, like a baseball that's heading down the 3rd base line. Best to avoid it.

It'll be 80 again by Sunday, Bob.

Thanks, Obama.

Bob-Great link. Also, that's what WMB gets for finally making contact. All who wander are not lost, but some are.

Bob-Great link. Also, that's what WMB gets for finally making contact. All who wander are not lost, but some are.

So, it's Friday. Pats game Sunday. My tailgate menu includes quail, andouille sausages, rack of wild boar in a maple syrup-apple cider glaze, and Kobe burgers. All followed by a handful of statins.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

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