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The 2014 regular is closed at last

So I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Derek Jetah was universally loved.


Fuck, even if you didn't love him the grandstanding was such that I'd soonah Tweet that I'd had my balls inappropriately fondled by Zoe Quinn than say I wasn't a Jetah fan.


Are you kidding me? I'm half expecting Jihadi John to show up at his next beheading in a Jetah jersey.


Little known fact: The protests in Hong Kong? Due to to Jetah's retiring.


I was going to retiah myself, but nobody does that anymore because it's too crowded.


Like a wedding in Venice.





Derek Jeter, Clap Clap, Clap Clap Clap.

Can the Papi Tour be far behind??

The good news is, all the Jeter hoo-ha is finally over. The bad news is, the Skanks will be a better team without him.

much like the man hisself, the Papi Tour will be entertaining but insufferable

with his "vitamin water", don't expect it for another few years

HB hits for the cycle today!
TY for colorfully enhancing our 71 win season. Staht ya stoves.

answer: an embarrassing display of stupidity and ignorance.


1. Jeter's last game
2. The RS season
3. My comments, taken as a whole
4. 1-3.

love you, love the show,


All this love has me pining for the return of Mr Alex Rodriguez.

Teddy Ballgame wouldn't have come out and ended his career on an infield single.

Thanks HB for another season of great strips. Though disappointed in this season, the glow of last year's unexpected championship kept it all in perspective.

Those of us old enough to know, or have read Updyke, know that Gods do not answer letters. What I know is, AFraud is the MFYs starting shortstop, until his even worse (than Jeter) fielding, gets him pushed into the DH slot. Over/under date? April 18 sound good?

The butler spent the afternoon watching NASCAR. I hid in my super private hidey hole, feeling very superior.

Jeter showed up and played the final games at Fenway. Williams did not travel with the team to New York for the final three games of the 1960 season.

while I generally agree with your sentiment, yb, you really can't compare Ted to Jeets.

Ted didn't have special balls put in play, wear 2 unis or change the bases every 1/2 inning all in the name of commerce either. Not to mention the dueling farewell commercials by his brand mates Nike and Gatorade. Let's face it: the whole idea of a year-long sendoff is a total marketing ploy that has nothing to do with on field performance. When the time comes, just hang 'em up and say goodbye already

just to be clear, I was glad Jeter made the trip and I thought given the circumstances that it was the classy and right thing to do. However I was also glad I sold my tickets to Friday night's game back in May

Glad its all over, both the Sox season and the Jeter tour.

Completely agree with buckner-was-framed about the marketing. Soon agents will be writing farewell tours into contracts, if they're not doing that already. If I remember correctly, it was hard to get Ted Williams to come out of the dugout and tip his hat after he hit a gamer. The same was true for most players of his era. Nuff said.

@ Don in NH: I attended Teddy Ballgame's last game. You're right: not only did he never come out and tip his hat when he hit a big HR (that sort of thing wasn't done then, IIRC), he didn't for his last one, either. The umps held up the game for what seemed like 10 minutes of wild cheering by the pathetic crowd (around 15K), but TW wouldn't budge. In character to the end.

A player like Ted Williams couldn't exist today. They'd drive him out.

O's won the AL East and had 9 sellouts all year (which did not include the night they clinched). Sox finished last and had 43 sellouts. Over time that will catch up with them, as the few good seasons built on years of high draft picks give way to losing many of their best players to free agency. Same as what's happening to the Rays. No excuse for it really, since Angelos' fortune dwarfs Henry's.

Thanks again hb for a great year of strips. We'll be back next year, and hopefully, so will hb.

Steve, just curious but how many of the 9 sellouts were vs Sox? A fair amount I'd bet

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