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Reap what you sow

Well, it is the season of mists of mellow fruitfulness.*


Swell the gourd!



//Pawtucket added another run in the 3rd when Rusney Castillo doubled, stole third and scored on a De Jesus sacrifice fly making it 2-0.//


The Paw Sox won two in Kansas City. The Sea Dogs have a spot in the AAA championship, a real whoop-de-do affair if there ever was one.
All I know is that after all but one game in the second week, I am stuck in 15th out of 15 teams in the Fantasy league. Last place, a place I know too well...

Well I was right about one thing at least. 92 games will indeed be enough to win the AL East this year, since neither the mfy's nor bj's can reach that total.

Egads! Here I am in my sunny day spot and the maid bursts in with that god awful noise machine. The butler is about as shaken as I. He is moaning about the "sports bah", and seeing both of his teams win, but seeing his team lose. Say, what?
Well, the Maid gave me a liver snap and a kiss. I'll take it. Now she's cleaning the recliner. Now, it will not be right for days.

It is possible BOTH wild card teams could have better records than the team winning the AL East. That is unfathomable, unless you've followed this strange trip 2014 turned out to be.

Without Rusney, PawSox to face Pedro Ciriaco and the Omaha Storm Chasers on Tuesday night.

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