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Next up on The View...

Christ yestahday I sat down to be engulfed in the sagacity of sports reportahs discussing domestic violence nonstop and a goddamn football game broke out!


Seriously the sonsabitches. And I was totally waiting to hear what Boomah Esiason had to opine concerning the breakup of Mama June and Sugah Bear.


Meanwhile, we learn that Joe Kelly looks like a keepah but, you know...


But no friggin word on his opinion regarding the Hope Solo situation.





Honey BooBoo is sooo last season. ;O

The butler is most annoying at times like this. He wasted a beautiful, if windy day "surfing", football, then NASCAR, back to football, checking on his sawx on his "phone". I, made far better use of the occasion, sleeping on my favorite sunny afternoon spot and reveling in my superiority.

The entertainment industry is shovin' out shit like crazy. Perhaps my arrogant little tyrant DOES have it over us. But, the cheap, desperate goal of winning more this season than in '12 has a profound problem in the scary recesses of our heads:
They are closing the season out at home, where they are absolutely rancid.

I am sunburned
The Patriots played darkly
Gout seems a long shot.

Should we be concerned that the Patriots could only score 16 on the Raiders?

Or that a rookie QB said he was going to challenge Revis and did so effectively numerous times?

Hope Solo. What a perfect name for a Realdoll

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