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Let's play three

So much for what Giamatti described as "baseball having no clock and, indeed moving counterclockwise, so is it to establish its own rythms and patterns independent of clock time."


Still, I dunno about adding a pitch clock. Just doesn't seem right somehow.


That's what they said about playing undah lights.


I confess that I still prefer day baseball.


Sometimes just because you have the technology to do something, doesn't mean you should.*

*(possibly NSFW)



That reminds me- I've got to pick up some milk today. ;O

There already is a pitch clock. It's in the rules. It's just never enforced. Also, the 3.5 hour game times aren't natural. The game Bart was writing about didn't average 6 pitching changes per game, batters stepping out every pitch, and instant replay. They've got to get the game back to 2.5 hours on average.

Too bad after last night's performance Jeter didn't jump in his plane and fly to New Brunswick for the last week of steelhead (Or whatever...) season, like Ballgame after his last game at the Fens...

All time is relative, relatively speaking, of course.

I actually look forward to a future where the games are totally virtual and the players are holograms programmed to mimic the best players from all time.

And the sex robots.

Calling bullshit on the tit brigade. You know what can put a third breast on your chest without a flaw in the skin where you attached it? Makeup artists. Otherwise, attaching a huge skin bag (where'd the skin even come from??) to an otherwise normal chest is going to require stitches and leave a giant scar. Never mind that there'd be no arterial development for them to tie into to feed the tissues much needed blood.

Just total bullshit.

Jim Kaat didn't need no stinking pitch clock.

hb, even a virtual Ty Cobb would not last a month, if he acted like he had acted a century ago. He would be dancing the Thorazine Shuffle. That or playing for the Ravens.

Kaz, I think it's more likely they just bifurcated one of the existing breasts.

And now I can add that to my book, "Things I Never Thought I'd Say."

It has been reported the third breast was a photo shopped image. Figures.

Yes, but those reports come from jealous 2-breasted people.

That would have been one ugly/misshapen breast to have been bifurcated in a way that all three new breasts are perfectly symmetrically aligned on the torso.

Ok, "flesh envelope" is my new favorite phrase.


But, really, all you'd have to do is ask her where the skin came from to make the third breast and explain why there's no scarring and she'd be exposed as a fraud...which she's been exposed as before:


the cat has 8 boobs. Nine if you count the owner

Why do these nuts always seem to come from Florida? I've been here 10 years now and lost count of how many ridiculous/horrendous people and stories are generated here.

I DO NOT HAVE AN OWNER! I am a male of a superior species.
I was evicted from my prior domicile and got stuck with the butler as my servant. He came with this dump.

Scaramanga had a third nipple. Does that count?

I thought Texas was the national joke, guess Florida is catching up.
Crazy States
1.) California No state worth shit can beat the left coast for weirdness.
2.) Texas. Won Independence from Mexico, gave it up to be part of the USA, then in 1861, they seceded joining the Confederacy, were conquered by the Union, in name only to hear the crazier people tell the story, and here we are at.
3.) Florida. Trailer parks. Miami. Tampa. Tallahassee. Orlando. If I want to go to any of these places, I might lose my creepiness license.
4.) New York They elect communists, root for the MFYs, and have their football teams in New Jersey.
5.) Vermont where you must go on welfare--or else. By then, well, you go skiing or hiking and be pseudo Californians.
6.) New Hampshire. Because...
7.) Oregon, which is unforgivingly stupid, but Vermont and Florida have them beat. Badly.
8.) Illinois an' if ya can't deal wif dat, we gonna mess wif you.
9.) Michigan where you swear on a Koran in court.
10.) Dear old Massachusetts, where the Red Sox and Patriots et al reside, and run risks on the roads no one from elsewhere would understand, except Floridians, but they'd think there was a NASCAR event on the streets here...

Makes me wish I had three hands.

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