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Just making it up as I go

So this is how it ends...


Not with a bang, but with fish sticks for dinnah


This is the tahtah sauce land


Here the Gorton fishahman


In this alley of karaoke bahs



Gawd,just let it end already.

And so much for looking forward to football. First my Packers get blasted in Seattle, then Stanford gives away the game to USC, then Mrs. Steve in MD's Pats set an all time record for letting the QB get sacked in a half (or at least it seemed that way). Jeesh.

When does hockey start?

"When we want (the season) to end, we discover how much effort is required to put an end to it. Inertia keeps (the season) going, not a sense of impending victory or defeat." A politician long ago and far away.

Pats & Red Sox lost yesterday, and every single college football I have any emotional investment in lost on Saturday.

On the bright side, we Skyped with my daughter at college on Saturday and she seems to be doing great. So screw the sports.

Just had a horrifying thought. If the Ravens waive Rice today now that the video of him clocking his wife is online, would Belichick be so crass as to take the opportunity to buy low?

I think there is zero chance Kraft would pick up Rice if he were waived. Now if he were an offensive or defensive lineman...

In psychological terms, this season has a flat affect.

In literary terms this season has "that vicious depthless quality of stamped tin.”

Or, this season has the mediocrity of store brand dry "cat food', as dry food is no great shakes from the best sources.
Well, look what just dragged himself in here after three days. He's sunburnt, tired and looking like he's had a few cold ones. He is also looking creepier than usual.

Mistah Koji--he dead. -TSE

@SAC … and with apologies to Joseph conrad!

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