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I can't believe the news today...

So this is the thing about getting old...


I first heard U2 when I was 16 years old laying in bed and listening to college radio.


I was instantly hooked on the band to the point where I tried to convince my parents to let me see them play at the Hampton Beach Casino when hahdly anybody knew who they were...


I finally saw them live on the first night of their two night stand at the Orpheum in May of '83 and proceeded to follow them with a vengeance in including tracking down every bootleg recording I could my hands on.


Fast forward to now when U2 has released a new album with a free download on iTunes and I'm like, "meh."


Middle age could be worse. You could have invented the wrap sandwich and not been credited with it.


Or you could have gotten famous writing a book about a Curse that got broken, and broken again, and, yeah, then again.





By the way, I don't think I've noted the 9/11 anniversary at Soxaholix in a long time (perhaps never?) but that doesn't mean I don't think of it.

Honestly, it still makes me angry and emotional, which is why I don't mention it. (Well except for just doing so.)

RIP Richard "Jaws" Kiel.

h.b. hits the mark, per usual.

"Never Forget" does not mean "Always Be An Asshole".



I've got nothin'. And today's a good day to have it. Or not have it. Whichever.

"Middle age doesn't prepare you for being an old guy. You just have to live long enough." George Carlin
I am old, my boss is old. Neither of us is aging gracefully, both of us are assholes. One of us enjoys being creepy enough to the point where being called an asshole is a compliment, in view of the alternative. Stay creepy my friends and enemies, too...

I still remember when an older cousin of mine played Joshua Tree for me. I can remember exactly where in his house I was standing. It totally blew my 7 year old mind. That was the moment I started to have my own taste in music. (And yeah, I'm an youngun and I'll get off the lawn.)

I was bored with U2 before it was cool to do so ;)

Seriously, I was never a fan and I have never owned any of their records. I don't actively hate them, I just never cared enough to even spend $12 on a record or CD.

Loved Joshua Tree and earlier stuff was great too. Post-Joshua Tree, not so much.

My fave remains "Boy" though I find it difficult if not impossible to listen to now.

Really liked Achtung Baby but think that was the last album I listened to with any fervent interest.

With that said, I still count that Orpheum show in May of '83 of one of my fave rock and roll moments. The band was blossoming, I was blossoming, all of Boston was in bloom, and the Red Sox drafted a skinny kid out of Texas named Roger Clemens.

I always thought Bono was a little too full of himself.

So did half of Dublin,Yazbread.

My wife and I had returned to my family's home in Colorado for a friend's wedding in June of '83 and I got talked into going to Red Rocks Amphitheater to see a rock show. Half-filled arena to see some Irish band. Turned out to be pretty good. Found out later they turned it into a film (wondered about the cameras . Yep. I was there... Under a blood red sky.

Granted, they were no Seals & Crafts, but I enjoyed the show.


Granted, they were no Seals & Crafts, but I enjoyed the show.


Damn double post. Seals & Crofts...

1983? Hmm, was figuring out how to hold on to Chez Flake, my '80 Citation, the second worst car I ever had, as well as my first new one. I was so pissed off with it at that time, I parked on a street near Fenway, with all of my travel gear and cassettes in it, hoping it would get stolen. The Sox lost the game, my car was as I had left it. So, I drove home, and no U2 on the cassette player, Stones, Aerosmith, ZZTop and Led Zeppelin to get me home awake. I slept at work.

fast forward to 2014, and ZZ Top cancelled a concert in Portland Maine this week because Dusty Hill of the band hurt his hip stepping off the tour bus.

time is a bitch.


speaking of time - don't recall the last time a KC - Sox Sept matchup had KC licking their chops and looking at 3 or more wins...

I remember Rattle & Hum at the Islington St. theaters in Portsmouth - 10th grade? - sneaking in beers with friends and thinking this is as good as it gets.

In '83 I was sitting on the German/Czechoslovakian border. U2 wasn't on my radar or AFN radio. 99 Luft balloons was, until someone bothered to translate it, at least.

I am 105. The butler insists that I am 15. I sat looking at an open door. Up until I was in my 80's, I'd have shot out the door, lookin' sharp
Lookin' fer love.
Now, I jump as high as I dare on to the recliner, so long as the butler leaves it low enough for me to get upon it.

SonomaSox - well it doesn't really ever get much better.

Tell Mr. Daltrey it's too late.

Giancarlo Stanton's beaning last night led me to recall of Tony Conigliaro's beaning in '67. Here's hoping he can recover, unlike Tony C, who struggled for the rest of his life with the damage done to him.

Yeah, I think our dreams of having Stanton next year are over. Maybe just until 2016, but maybe forever.

i was in college when Joshua Tree came out and a late night NJ. I can tell you that the track for 'With or Without You' got worn out on the station's LP within 2 weeks.

Well, gotta go write about nasal cavities. As cavities go, I suppose I could do worse.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

I was in the UK when "I will follow" was released and brought the single home with me and introduced it to my friends. They were still listening to Led Zep and had little interest. A year later the song was released in the US and the rest is history. I was excited to see them in '81 for their "October" tour and then Bono was climbing the scaffold waving a white flag singing "Surrender". At that moment I was done with them. Tremendous disappointment. Perhaps I missed the deeper metaphor but he just looked like a colossal asshole.
The patient did have one final gasp of life with Zooropa before finally succumbing.

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