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Ah, Mr. Verlander and Miss Upton, good to see you...

So it turns out "12345" is not a secure password. Heh.


Yeah, I had to quite literally guffaw each time I heard a flummoxed newscastah reading the lines "it's not really a 'cloud' but simply a collection of huge computers"...


I'm reading this but I am as shocked, shocked as you the listenah to learn that it isn't really a cloud!


And now I finally understand the fascination of "dot races" at ballpahks and stadiums across this once great nation.


We are so totally fucked.


On the brightside, we'll provide plenty of amusement for the robots.



I was just reading yesterday that all passwords should be at least 24 characters long for true security. I think all that would accomplish would be to change 12345 to the full alphabet.

I changed the channel to the game and saw the 2-6-3-4-5-3 double play within about 30 seconds. Then I turned the game off because I just knew I wasn't going to see anything better in that game lat night.

Reminds me of the scene in "Spaceballs" where President Skroob (Mel Brooks) demanded the password for Druidia's air. It was 12345. Skroob's flunky called it a "stupid code, only an idiot would use that."
Whereupon, President Skroob remarked..."I gotta change the combination on my luggage".

I share the opinion of Bender from "Futurama". "You meatbags think you can stop us?"
Speaking of luggage, the butler is what he describes as "packing". Guess he's going away for a while.

I had somebody tell me in all seriousness the other day that he had a foolproof way of choosing a password: Choose your pet's name and then shift one key left on the keyboard.

He was so proud of his revelation.

spoiler alert: once the pattern is discerned, "xg'uen'b nwiq" is easily cracked.

it's a living.


The danger to creeps like us is not that somebody is going to guess or hack our password. Nobody gives enough of a shit about us to waste the time targeting us. Our passwords get exposed when somebody steals 40 million at a time from Target. If the passwords are being handed over in plain text it doesn't matter how clever your system is.

I think the Sox are the team that looks bad here. Mr. President, we must not allow a celebrity nude photo gap.

Hey Nava, how about a little more effort getting back to first base on a pickoff attempt, hmmm?

I tried, but ultimately couldn't get the XM radio turned on in time to catch Sterling's reaction to the rundown double play. Must have been good though, especially with jeets involved.

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