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A Smell of cordwood

But dead people are rising, so there is that.


Speaking of the undead...


Sounds like a good weekend to staht splittin' and stackin' wood for the wintah hot stove.


A fragrance that gives itself once, and once only...



Well,the Sawx have certainly beem an odor that lives this season. ;D

been-damn fat fingers.

This season has had a familiar air to it...

Scoring from second on a passed ball? Rusney, you have an aroma all of your own. Behind the hints of leather, grapefruit and newly printed bills, it's the scent of cheetah musk.

"Someone had asparagus"-Jack Nicholson

What we haven't been grooming is a heart of the organization. We can't ride the Big Papi train forever. Where's our next heir?

I think Manny is making another comeback...

Come 2020, is Jeter a shoe in? Me thinks so. Unanimous? No, someone will leave him off, just because there are just enough dickheads out there to ensure he won't.
Don't be a Dick.
Be creepy. It's more fun. I was voted most creepy in High School by a vote of 13990-1 and the 1 was not me. I was the 1st to vote for myself as creepiest. Another faux creep voted for himself, not me, though.

A Skankee fan told me the Rapture took place last night. I guess I was left behind.

More like the Rupture. ;D

Who here thinks the O's grooved that pitch? It looked like an 85 mph change up right down the middle, with no movement at all. I could have hit it, and I wouldn't have been as late on the swing as Jeter.

It's possible, maybe even probable. But it doesn't really matter. Except to those who ascended last night.

Who here thinks Robertson was grooving the two home runs in the top of the 9th in order to get Jeter that last at bat?

No, no. These were the final steps required for canonization. September 25 is now St Derek's Day, by the way, and may be celebrated accordingly.

The O's grooved a pitch to Jeets. Their version of a gift bag.

You know what? I miss Friday summer hours. This whole "work the entire day" thing is a pain in the ass.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

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