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A bright, sunshiny day

You wanna know just how much last year's unexpected World Series win tacked on to the '04 and '07 Championships has made me, Arturo?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Yeah, lay it on me, Mr. Doug.


I'm so magnanimous that I'm actually happy for the Orioles and their fans to get to inhale the champagne spray joy of not only making the postseason but also their first AL East Championship since '97.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Yeah, but just to show you haven't gone entirely soft, I know I'm safe in saying that if your happiness for the Orioles right now is a 1, then your schadenfreude for the Yankees not making the postseason is an 11.


Pass the sauerkraut, Arturo, it's gonna be a great day.



The concept of the "MFYs" not making the post season is a source of pleasure for my butler, seeing them die last night in "The Burgh, baby!" likely has him in a nasty frame of mind. Hissss, the maid gave my daughter a liver snap. Where's MY liver snap?

The Orioles' owner is a dickbag, but I'm happy for the players. Also, Yankees suck.

I'd go to a hot dog vendor who served schadenkraut.

I'm having nightmares about an Orioles - Nationals World Series. Living here will be unbearable.

MLB is probably having a nightmare about an O's - Nats WS.

Primanti Bros. Chicken Parmesan sandwich, with "the WORKS"! Yea.
Forbes Field sites on Pitt Campus: Damn. Was there no alternative to killing it, and worse putting the Buckos in Three Rivers Stadium, an anti-classic cookie cutter that was better for the Stillrs than the Buckos?
PNC Park: Progressive Field has NOTHING on this playpen.
1.) The team is good, seriously so.
2.) Like Dear old Parc du Fenway, you get a feel for the "Burgh" there.
3.)Locally brewed craft beers that are the same price as ordinary beer. They have Straubs, FCOL!!
4.) The Sox feel at home there. They can't drive in a runner from second, third? no.
5.)Primanti Bros. Breakfast Sandwich. 5/5
a. Bacon
b. Home fries
c. Eggs (I am getting old, had two, could have gotten four.)
d. Capicola (sic)
e. Kick Ass coffee. This shit is in a league with Bokar, which I miss.

PNC Park is in the top three ballparks to see a game.


I went to PNC Park about 2 years ago. It was a really nice location on the river with the city skyline in the outfield which made a great scene.

However, getting to/from the game sucks balls unless you boat in and dock on the Riverwalk. I wouldn't ever want to be there for a Steelers game...and that's only partly because of the traffic.

Looking forward to seeing Rusney's first game tonight. Great night for a game here in the 'burgh

lc, just curious: what are your other 2 parks?

@bwf - one thing is certain, the surly part of lc would not agree with this:

He hates old stuff. Tradition? Shmadition! My guess on his behalf is Camden Yards and either the one in Washington, Milwauke or San Francisco. For me, its any one that is not named after a multinational corporation. Which rather narrows the field. Meanwhile I am very jealous you are in Pittsburgh tonight. I shall be listening from far, far away …


Also, I believe that bob's suggestion that he is, in any way, discerning when it comes to hot dog vendors is a big fat lie.

Like Boston, Pittsburgh on a game night for not just the 'Bucks, but all their pro and major college teams, can be a headache if one tries driving in right around game time. I stayed in the outer ring (Conway)and hit a Port Authority park and ride. They had busses running on regular intervals at a decent price, best of all they were non stop to PNC. Get a local (sister in creepiness) to help you out as they have tricks that can really be useful. I would never have found some of the best eats there without that. Manny's BBQ in the PNC: pricy, but handy.

Come on sdu, you know I only consume the very finest of lips, ass-cheeks and jowls when visiting a purveyor of haute dogs.

We went to a game at PNC last September - it's a wonderful ballpark.

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