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Who says we'll never be royals?

OK, aftah reading about Lee Sung-woo I'm going to quietly be rooting for the Royals the rest of the season.


Seriously. As sacharine as that story is, it can't help but warm your heart.


And remind you of why you're a fan of the game.


And a fan of the world.


Yeah, despite everything, it's a pretty fucking great place.



We can't get enough B-Movie stories like that, now can we?
To the never ending war: My Goddaughter sends her 10 year old athlete daughter to "help out my Godfather". Smart kid wears her goalie's catching glove. She catches the Boss like JBJ on a dying fly (or Cheevers dealing with a can o' corn) and like that he's in the box! Emi? No problem. Kid gets a Danish, I do not get cut up. And the Sox won a sweep (OK, just two games...)we celebrate the ordinary when we need to.
Stay creepy my friends.
Stay creepy my enemies.

I hadn't heard that story, so it was pretty cool to me.

thanks, h.b.


meh. we still have sdu, mofos. And I'm taking him in a best-of-three ssireum match

I think this guy's a North Korean mole.

great story.

That kid scooped me up like Jeter, and pow! in the box. The Vet stuck me as she does every few years and now, I am sore, in both possible ways. Emi got a liver snap. Kaleigh got a Danish. I get a sore back end. But, now to limp over to my sunny spot.

He may be pissed of, but he has a higher calling, sleeping in his sunny spot. My higher calling comes later.
Kaleigh is now one of the now triumvirate speaking for the master of what is, in theory, my house.

TIL: Kaleigh is the new Lisa

Ya like that, cat hater? She operated in a very professional manner. No cat was injured, save for his overblown ego, which took a big hit. But, he's legal, and so is Emi. Only cost me $46, or about what a craft beer costs at Fenway.
No way Kaleigh could grow up to be like Lisa. Her Mom would never let her get to that point.

Rob Manfred is the new Commish. I guess we keep Werner...

And much like John Henry and Larry L. do, we'll keep Werner doing important work. Such as standing in the background during photo shoots, and assisting Dr. Charles with music selections for Red Sox events.

My summer hour Fridays are beginning to dwindle to a precious few. So I'm outta here, like Tom Werner after a second ballot.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

My summer weeks are dwindling.

thanks for the show of faith buck.


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