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Well, it's Monday again

Hey, this games was the awesome until those geeky kids came along with their "formulas."


Heh. I was told there would be no math on my final famous farewell tour.


I can't imagine why the 5-Tool Greatest Playah Evah wouldn't embrace the numbahs.


Yeah, it's a real stumpah.


Meanwhile, the Red Sox won their first series in 3 weeks.


This is where one might normally insert a snahky comment, but I think I traded it for a comment to be named latah.



The last line is pure gold. Well done, H.B.

agreed. Here's hoping the CTBNL isn't an over-rated prospect

Maybe Doug can take the Ice Bucket challenge. ;D

I noticed that the team was playing with chips on their shoulders, even the beat writers got in on the attitude that was months late in arriving. Napoli got tossed for finally going on like Papi, notable for his non-presence, (at least from the prying eyes of the cameras) about the ump's strike zone.

Jeter has done everything necessary to be called "the greatest shortstop to ever play the game." Except for playing great at shortstop, of course.

Gotta give props to Jeter for bumping A-Rod to third. Not many players could list that accomplishment.

Very curious to see what will be in the Fenway Gift Basket...

Look, Jeter's one of the best shortstops offensively to have played the game. ONE OF. But he's no Honus Wagner (who is? A-Rod's about as close as you come). He's not even a Cal Ripken, Jr. according to JAWS scoring. And by that same accounting he's not quite as good as Alan Trammell who has never peaked above about 35% on the HOF ballots for the past 12 years!



So, sure, put Jeter in. He's definitely in league with the best SSs to play the game. But then make sure Trammell gets in first.

I'm not qualified to involve myself too deeply in this discussion. I like The Jetes in spite of his proclivity for pinstripes. He's a class act playing for a classless franchise. And his GF's aren't prettier than my wife, but he has more of them than I have wives.

I will say, I liked one of the Reddit poster's comments about the "JJT" - the Jeter Jump Throw (pat. pend.) The gist is that Jetes makes that impressive looking jump throw that everyone thinks is this incredibly athletic play that only he can do because he *HAS to*. Has to? Yeah, has to. Jetes' range is too limited and he's too damn slow to get to the ball and throw from a set position. Perfect sense - absolutely true.

First ballot? Probably. Should he be? Meh. Per Kaz, see Trammel, Alan.

Bravo, Rob! Jeter is, if nothing else, the most gawd hep' uz awl, overrated player in baseball since Doubleday figured out how to get credit for the invention of modern (ish) baseball.

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