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Walking Around

Well, they say that 80% of life is just showing up...


So here the fuck I am.


Now what?


Yeah, it so happens...


It so happens I am sick of being a fan.


And it happens that I walk by souvenir shops and highlight reels


dried up, watahproof, like a swan made of felt


steering my way in a watah of wombs and ashes.


But wouldn't it be marvelous to terrify a sabermetrician with a cut lily?


Or kill Bob Costas with a blow to the ear?


Fuck, yeah it would.



Well, as you've probably figured out over the years, when I've got nothing for a strip, I tend to turn to the poetry well for inspiration.

Today's strip owes everything to Pablo Neruda's "Walking Around."

Finally. At last. The white elephant in the room has been shooed outside. And the issue of murdering Bob Costas has been raised. So, what's our next step? I'm in, BTW.

So this would be a good time to note that Ben Cherington’s grandfather was Poet Laureate of the United States. No kidding, Richard Eberhart, 1959-61, right after Robert Frost. Anyway, here are a few lines by New Hampshireman Eberhart which I’ve taken out of context to apply to Sox & fans:

A poem about a New England farmer who keeps bees: “The stores were almost full, in Autumn air, against the coming chill, and the long cold. He was about ready to rob them now, the combs. He’d leave them just enough to keep them.” This is from early 1955. Eberhart must have been thinking of the 1954 season when the Sox finished 4th, 42 games behind 111-game-winner Cleveland.

He also wrote: “When music comes upon the airs of Spring, Faith fevers the blood; counter to harmony, The mind makes its rugged testaments. Melancholy moves, preservative and predatory.” So, true Sox fan.

As much as I appreciate and enjoy the inane banter that typically manifests here itself in the "Comments" section...Don in NH just pulled it all together. You are a credit to the flock.

The butler will be so excited, he adores conspiracies, judging by all the Discovery Channel, History and National Geographic material he watches after giving up on the Sawx. He dislikes Bob Costas as a shameless f*****g fan of the (Censored) and is hoping he goes away when his contract runs out, and NBC does to him what the Sawx do to so many of their players and even Don Orsillo, as they seem to do over and over again.

Eh, they haven't quite worked out the kinks in conducting pain-free executions these days, so better to set aside any talk of murder and instead consider the suggestion of cutting Ted Lilly. Though apparently he didn't even get picked up by anyone this year. If MLB was the NBA, probably Billy Beane would have signed him just to cut him, and somehow managed the salary cap that way.

Yes, you are reading it here. Per a source deep, deep within NESN, Don's new contract is not to his liking and he wants to negotiate the famed "better deal". NESN does not. Not the first Sox star to leave angry, sadly not the last.

In re Orsillo. The guy in charge of NESN is well known to be dismissive of talent. John Rish, come on down.

Oddly, I knew Richard Eberhart. Did not know the Cherington connection.

That's all.

These guys don't even merit sunsets.


That's why my source is counting the days until November 15, when the job with another, larger broadcast organization starts.

Total world series wins with Don Orsillo calling play by play: 3 Total world series wins with play by play announcers not named Orsillo: Zero. His first game was a no-hitter. As a Sox fan, I'm more than superstitious. Don has been a good luck charm. The Fenway Group has spent a lot more for a whole lot less (see, Crawford, Carl).

Baseball, I warrant, is not the whole occupation of the aging boy.
Far from it: There are cats
- Donald Hall (in NH)

I LOVE this strip, hb. Definitely how I feel as a fan at times, a tad barren. Maybe the upcoming season of mists and mellow fruitfulness will change all that....

No doubt I want D.O around forever. No doubt the RS, Inc. will force him out and try to make him the bad guy.

FWIW - Berocca now has ads on SportCenter. Going global just in time to see the Sox drop 20 games below 500.

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