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Wait until...

Hey look! More optimism:

"The only silvah lining is asking what are the odds that everything goes horribly wrong a second year in a row and given that those odds are low it means that some optimism for 2015 is warranted. "


Yeah, I'd feel bettah if that were being spoken by a fully robotic Japanese engineered Dutch Wife.


Wearing a pink hat.





“People play the lottery all the time unaware of how mind-bogglingly difficult it is to win. It seems like they take a different approach to probabilities. Their rationale must be, “Well, I can either win it or not win it, so my odds of winning are 50/50.”
―Orlando Winters, Stop Being a F***ing Idiot

It's more like beating cancer, which is something I heard on the Jimmy Fund Radiothon yesterday. Your chances are either 100% or 0% of beating cancer.

Which reminds me, don't be a pussy or a cat. Give some little bit to the Jimmy Fund today. Give double that if you think I'm a boorish asshole.


2015? Well, we'll have these things to bank on for next year:
Middlebrooks will be on the DL twice- minimum.
JBJ will still be under .200.
Pedroia will be banged up in April.
Cespedes will have us missing Carl Crawford.
Jon Lester will be in pinstripes.
Buchhy will be in baseball limbo.
Don Orsillo will be somewhere else. And I will miss Ned Martin again. Mercy.

As of Monday, the Sox winning percentage was actually higher than their expected winning percentage based on runs scored/allowed. So I don't think we can chalk this season up to "everything going wrong." I think we chalk it up to the front office knowing last year bought them enough good will to survive playing the kids.

Further prediction updates. Goodbye BWF and PabloinNH at 95-67. Goodbye Go Sox,Go Heels and LC at 94-68. We appreciate your unbridled optimism.

Adios. I loved not wisely, but too well.

Even crazier: Papi leads the MLB in RBIs. The team is last in runs scored.

Pink yeah. But just noticed Kapstein no longer has yellow earphones behind home plate, and is now just sporting a plain black model. Some deep significance behind the change, or just cheap electronics wearing out?

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