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Under .500 Friday Special

Well, that'll teach you to yell "fire sale" around a crowded watah coolah.


Hey, I went to a Red Sox game and Miami Marlins money laundering scheme broke out.


So it turns the Red Sox would only deal Lestah to a team they knew didn't have the money to resign him... You know who really appreciates that?


The New York Yankees, that's who.


Maybe as a way of thanks the Yankees can ask Jetah to take some time away from his Final Farewell World Tour to come to Boston and personally help John Henry pick out a scarf for his wife or lovah.


You know I've been told (and told) that's just the kind of noble and humble heroic action "Jetes" is famous for.


We are so fucked.


Seriously, it's so fucked up I'm reading Shaughnessy again. And enjoying it.



When the Sox traded their organist to the Cathedral of Notre Dame for Olivier Latry and a bell ringer to be named later, I knew things had gotten out of control.

Maybe it's finally time to becomes a Nationals fan, seeing as I'm more familiar with their roster than I am with the team the Red Sox will field tonight.

Who the hell is going to pitch? Might as well throw the cat out there.

...or his butler. ;O

Soxinsix, and by "throw the cat out there," you mean the middle of the ocean, right?

I'm kinda digging the fire sale. This season was meant to be razed to the ground, like the Veet season was...and we all know what happened 1 season later. Already excited for hot stove season!




Yeah, like Nat I confess that it's at least interesting and cathartic.


Willie Mo Cespedes, Rob (Deer) Craig, that guy who likes to dance.



Maybe Brock Holt can pitch tonight. Hell, maybe he can be likes Bugs Bunny and both pitch and catch at the same time.

I was thinking that some lucky hotdog vendors would be pulled from the stands to pitch this weekend.

My dad (a yankee fan, I lost so much of my ice cream money as a kid in the late 70's on redsox-yankee game bets) was saying how bored he was at work yesterday (he works in a pro shop with a tv). I told him he should have put on the mlb network and watched boston burn.

The Lester thing is hard. He is 31 and has been a durable pitcher for us. But he is 31 and has yet to have serious arm issues. Isn't just a matter of time with that? I'd like to resign him but 3 years max. and front load the contract.

This ownership has brass balls. They simply won't stand for the missing Friday strip. You go Ben!

Can't argue with letting Lester walk. I see the possible upside but I also see 25mil at 35 and 36 . . . it was the smart play. And the Kid from Jersey pitches tonight! #goPawsox

Seems like they could have given Lester $100 mill over 6 years, front loaded so that it paid out 20 mill a year in years 1-4 and only 10 mill in 5 and 6.

I'm on board with not overpaying for older players, but not over paying and never signing contracts in excess of 4years are two different things. Hell they only signed Drew for one year, and he was massively overpaid.

What? No tears for the Lackster?

Yep - w/ Lester now it'll be 6-7 @ $150-175MM. But WTF, J. Henry is made of money. This is all a play thing for him. Just give Lester $150MM for 6yrs over the winter and pretend this never happened.

Nobody talks trash better than the Rabbit!
But, that said, why on earth would I stoop to such low levels of endeavor? Major effort for me is pleasuring a

He got snarkier while I was out, didn't he? The feature is "Baseball Bugs" from 1946, digitally restored it is a trash talkin' delight, with Bugs doing his best Jake Peavey impression.

Say it Bob,say it.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

(Was that okay, Harwich? I can try it more Brando-ish. Or maybe with a British accent?)

Nailed it on the first take,Bob (as usual). See everybody Monday. ;)

Festivus Cespedis!

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