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These things take time

Great Gammons piece on why guys like Bogaerts are struggling...


They simply don't have enough seasoning in Triple-A.


And even with more time an the minahs, the difference between the level of play between the majahs and minahs has nevah been more pronounced.


So what you're saying is this is going to take time?


Yep, as Gammons puts it, "[S]ometimes there is no shortcut from the future to the present.


Tell that to the engineers working on the robotic Dutch Wives.



The number one mistake of the home chef is under-seasoning.

Seems like I can recall that the team we know and, foolishly, love shipped off most of the guys who should be playing for the Sawx right now. But, what if they show their talent level is not that of the guy they replaced. LAR*, anyone?
* Losses Above Replacement, the logical yang to the ying of WAR, Wins Above Replacement.

WAR can be a negative number.

One is the loneliest number that I ever knew.
Two can be as bad as one, it's the loneliest number since the number one was.
Wade Boggs had 2277 AB in the minor leagues.


You play with AAA level players in the majors, you get AAA level results.

Is there a Dutch Rudder app yet??

Boggs had so many had bats because the team wanted power hitters, not average. I think he was pissed that he spent so much time in the minors.

Logan Mankins got traded to Tampa Bay.

And then sometimes Mike Trout springs from the head of Zeus.

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