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Then we'll be all right and be happy.

The surprise signing of Rusney has made the outré 2014 season all the more, er, more outré...


I mean has there evah been a season in which its identity is mirrored by the seasons fore and aft? 2014 began undah the laissez-faire champagne shadow of the 2013 championship season and it's concluding by essentially being a jump staht on the 2015 season.


It's a Cuban sandwich and 2014 is the mustard.


If we sign one more Cuban, Hemingway is going to walk out the door in the Left Field scoreboard.


And then you'll call me Jig.


The days will be pretty hot.


Those are lovely hills.


I say nothing.


They don't really look like white elephants. I just meant the coloring of their skin through the trees.


The beer's nice and cool.


I'll scream.


Do you feel bettah?


I feel fine.



And the name of the next Cuban signee? Anis del Toro.

Better than Anus del Toro! ;O

...and Circle's hills are still lovely.

Just remember capitalist pigs, my homies in Cuba let players out for a fee, because they need that filthy capitalist currency. Now, the sunny spot is looking wonderful.

This season's team is like a sandwich left over from a picnic, better for all if it is in the trash. "Why risk it/get fresh brisket"! Slogan from a stand in Mudville's Broadway Market.
I'd take Lisa over Circle any day. But my fave female is on my lap, purring and enjoying my company.

Do not ask for whom the bell tools, it tools for thee. At a predicted 92 wins, I'm gone.

Tolls, damn it. Tolls.

... send not to know, For whom the cat trolls, it trolls for thee.

The bell is a 5-toll player.

This weekend's games killed my dream of seeing them win every single game remaining and get to 90 wins.

There's always next gear.

They won, miracle of miracles! Guess the atmosphere at Fenway is too much for this bunch. They did make an honest effort to lose this one, but Toronto wanted to send their patrons home discussing Burger King's offer for Tim Horton's, which would have been the topic they would have discussed no matter what, but don't tell them that...

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