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Raincheck reimburse Friday

Lisa the Temp:
Hey, peeps, long time no see.


Lisa the Temp:
I've been working my little fingers to the bone in the coal mines.


Lisa the Temp:
I mean that, figuratively, of course. There are no coal mines in Boston.


Lisa the Temp:
But there are fabric-covered cubicles where temps sit in the dark playing World of Warcraft.


Lisa the Temp:
See what the Industrial Revolution has wrought, peeps? It's tragic.


Lisa the Temp:
Speaking of tragedies, I heard that baseball isn't fun anymore.


Lisa the Temp:
Does that give you the sads?


Lisa the Temp:
Well here's a glad from Lisa...


Lisa the Temp:
Remember that in baseball at least you get to use your hands.


Lisa the Temp:
And I know how much you like using your hands.


Lisa the Temp:
Yeah, I'm looking at you, creepy.



Yeah, well I'm looking at you, too, Lisa. In fact, I'm doing just a little more than looking.

//The southpaw fanned eight and allowed just three hits and two walks on a night that ended to the soundtrack of fans chanting "Lester! Lester!" in a roaring Coliseum.//


Must have been Dollar Beer Night at the O Col.

hi, lisa.


Ah, Lisa, we missed you like the 2013 Sox.
A valued Vandalay Personnel associate.

My late post from yesterday. Prediction update. No one has been eliminated yet but it will begin to happen very soon. The bottom prediction was cmdrflake at 85-77. For the team to hit that mark they need to go 35-14 (.7143) over the remainder of the season. What were we thinking?

So there is no joy in Mudville?

Maybe we should flip the predictions to determine a winner. I said 90-72. 72-90 is much more likely.

Jackin' It

That is all.

I wonder if Lisa gets Friday summer hours. Probably not, being a temp and all. But once the office clears out, I'm sure she just kicks her legs up and hits the MLB porn site, Dollars and Centaurs.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday. (Or in Kaz's case, something to jack about.)

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