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It's so slow we're talking about MLB politics

So Tom Werner is on the short-short list for next Commissioner of Major League Baseball?


Yep. But seems like there's quite the power struggle between Werner's people and Manfred's people... the latter being Selig's handpicked successor.


So Selig wants Manfred as puppet with strings to Bud?


That's the thinking.


Who does Selig think he is Putin?


Oh, no, no no... Bud Selig is no Putin.



In Russia, Cosby Show watches you.

There's no way MLB would have a commissioner from a mega market team with a national, make that world wide following.Meaning they'd never hire Brian Cashman, although I secretly wish they would. If he wasn't from New York, and were fictional, I'd suggest George Costanza CEO of Vandalay Industries and a former MFY and Mets executive...;)

You humans, there is no Putin up with any of you.

Yeah, but she's no Janet Reno.

"You have to admit, she *is* rather mannish..." - Austin Powers.

Damn, soxinsix. That was hilarious.

Having just finished "Blood Sport", which is a semi-literate recounting of MLB/ARod/Biogenisis/Bosch, Manfred sounds like kind of a dick. OTOH, being EP of Mork and Mindy is not really a qualification, either.

Still awaiting the call...


Russian women - beautiful when their young, but for those without real money, the decline is fast and steep. Probably has something to do with all the vodka their fathers drink.

Not just Russian,Steven,it's a Slavic thing. ;D

Hell yeah

Lou? Honestly? Well, as I think that Obama angers my butler and resident human, if he were to see Lou running baseball, he might delve deeper into NASCAR, which is noisy, lowest common denominator Bubba behavior. But, as he is an adequate chief cook and dish washer, I put up with my help. My daughter is nuzzling up to him, as if that gets her anything. HE GAVE HER THE LAST LIVER SNAP!!!

Me thinks, creepy peeps, that George Costanza should be the next commissioner.
He is so creepy that the state publically refuses to acknowledge he lives there.
He has been known to have been a locomotive breath finalist.
Stay creepy my friends, and more importantly, give the last Liver Snap to the nicer cat.

God forbid that MLB actually consider a commissioner from outside ownership.

Would George make Festivus a recognized holiday???

And one day we'll hear:"I tell you, I gotta plead ignorance on this thing, because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first started here that that sort of thing is frowned upon..."

So we are at 50 wins with 49 games to go. Anybody got knocked out yet LC?

I'll assume tomorrow is a no strip day. Prediction update. No one has been eliminated yet but it will begin to happen very soon. The bottom prediction was cmdrflake at 85-77. For the team to hit that mark they need to go 35-14 (.7143) over the remainder of the season. What were we thinking?

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