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It's not under .500 Friday but...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
**Update** Don't know what I was thinking, but family visit continues thru today, Tuesday.

[Previous] Completely forgot to mention I've got family visiting today so routine is thrown off. You'll have to yak without me, if there's something good.



After they barfed up the lead the way they did last night, there isn't much to be said. I feel awful for Buchhy, his talent has left him like so many women have left me.

when our most experienced pitcher can't hold a lead to save his life, is there really much else to say?

You humans can't entertain yourselves without seeing another human being humiliated? Self evident answer there.

I wonder if I can donate the last two months of my MLB.tv subscription to a soldier overseas or something...this stuff is just too painful to watch.

It used to be that giving up 2 runs meant a loss. Now scoring 7 runs isn't enough to win. Ben needs to adjust the horizontal hold.

I think Stephen Drew had more hits and RBI's in this weekend series than he had all year for the Sox.

He didn't have the shattered remnant of Buchhy giving him gophers to hit.

But it's comforting, Bob, to see that we can score 7 runs again; that felt unattainable most of the season.

Pappy's Smokehouse. That's all I've got to say about St. Louis.

Well,that and when it rains it smells like dog food.

There is nothing on earth whose odor is as revolting as dog food. That, or the mere presence of a dog.

Heads up creepy people! Biogenesis head honcho, Tony Bosch is willing to talk. A bunch of players in the 1988-2010 period may find out they will never get to Cooperstown, no matter how good their numbers look.
That includes Manny, Papi, Schill, The Rocket, The Unit, Barry, and many, many more. Think they aren't a bit nervous?

I like watching the Red Sox again this year.

If they win, it's completely unexpected and comforting to know the newly rebuilt team can create a win. If they lose, that was to be expected. These are the guys who weren't good enough to get us anything in a trade.

I would rather finish above Tampa Bay though.

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