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Yeah, he's now scored 49 runs and knocked himself in 30 of those times.


His comrades, meanwhile, have driven him in just 19 times this year. How is that even possible?


Speaking of the difficult to wrap your head around, can you imagine how much worse things would be without Ortiz?


I dunno, once you've dug the hole deep enough, going furthah down becomes an inverse hyperbolic emotionally.


I passed the point of inflection months ago.


What is the magic numbah to elimination?



Papi's been driven in 19 times? NINETEEN? Sigh.

Well, the good news is, the kids the Sox are counting on for the future appear to be pretty average, so there's that.

That's one of the best stats I've seen on Soxaholix. Very clever. Most informative for us, bad for the team.

They finally got around to reporting that Papi has calf issues, so a lot of runs were lost, since Papi can't run fast enough to score on a hit or fly out that faster guys can score on. The catch: Those guys are not getting on base often enough. The other catch: They are hitting into way too many double plays.
The shift is a run killer. Not even Ballgame could beat it all the time, but stubborn SOB that he was, he refused to adapt.

It is Thursday. The butler forgot his rant about how creepy he is.
He is so creepy his employer (I) can't influence him through guilt.

Discounting the homers, Papi has been on base 149 times this year, and been driven home 13% of the time. That's pathetic.

17 days till Pats' opening kickoff. Thank God.


The immortal Slim Pickens (born as Louis Burton Lindley, jr., Bet the change helped...)The honorary Pilot of the year of the ***th bomb group, in which his character, Maj. T.J. Kong was an honorary member and mascot.
"Why don't you (N-words)sing us a song..."

Today's pickin's are indeed slim.

Now that RS are below .450, and on a Valentine-like pace, it surprises me when there is any activity on here.

There's no good songs to parody this summer, so there's that.


Speaking of Veet, can anyone explain to me how RS management can be in favor of a "shotclock" for pitchers and batters? Not only would that ruin the game, but it would utterly destroy one of the main tenets of George Carlin's baseball vs football routine.

Castillo a Sox? JBJ, we hardly knew ye....

Rusney Nailed?


Second-to-last chance to take advantage of summer hours. So advantage I shall take.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Whats $72MM between commrades

Hey did you all see where the reason the Cubs couldn't cover the rainy field in time was because they've reduced their grounds crew hours to under-30 a week, to avoid paying health care? Maybe the Chairman, the communist talking cat with the mousey-tongue, can foment a revolution in Chicago.

yep $72M is a lot, but less than half of what MFY paid for Jacoby for the same amount of time. Hopefully getting Puig's talent without his attitude.

The elimination number is 17. The number of comments when I logged in on Sunday (AEST) … that's right … 17.

So creepy.


My boss is a communist? Doubt it. He is in the leisure class, and only rarely deviates from it.

Cmdr, I'm sure your boss is like my cats - the state provides for their total welfare. Last night's earthquake was as much stimulation as they get. (we are fine, 35 miles away from the crumbled buildings)

Earthquakes? 8 game losing streaks and now an agent of the RED MENACE in my house? Where's my Captain Morgan black?

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