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Hanging on

Christ, it's August 18th? Are you shitting me?


Yeah, we're into the 2nd half of August with a whopping 56 wins...


I guess this is what Bukowski meant when he wrote that "the days run away like wild horses ovah the hills."



Predictions update. Goodbye Kinyah and Tim at 96-66. It just wasn't in the Cards this year.

Yesterday was a decent day. The old urban poets are still not entirely my cup of tea, but, that's political, an' I ain't in the mood for that.
Poets are more fun when they were drunk or high on whatever, and were ready to fight anyone who hated on them.

Thanks for reminding me that it's my college roommate's birthday. I think I'll get him something that references how old he is. Heh. He's really old now, and, uh. Oh.

I'm getting better.

There was some kind of high school allstar game at Wrigley this weekend. I know, cause Clemons mentioned it on the radiocast of the gamer on Thursday.

By chance, I was staying at their hotel this weekend.

Them are some big fellas, many of them assholes already.


Well. The dog lover sees what I know to be true, you humans ain't shit compared to superior felines.

I can begin to understand what that shit means.


.. can't

fuck off


I'm not dead yet
I can dance and I can sing

If that cat was worth anything, he'd be chasing those rats through the beer cans. Fuck you, Garfield, or whatever your "name" is... I hope you get the mange. Again.

p.s. - Dave Pinto, you're a classic. Anyone who quotes 40 year old Monty Python movies is okay in my book. :-)

My, my aren't we jealous. The rats are my homies, MFKRS.

You had to stir him up. Well, he isn't getting any liver snaps. His daughter will, but not him. He just gave me snake eyes.


If you have some spare change, you can bid on some 2013 world series bling. Maybe the sparkling gems will hypnotize you into thinking this season doesn't exist.

I know it has been a bummer of a season, but given how unexpected last season was, I'm not getting too down and out about it.

In the meantime, I'm kind of pulling for the Royals, the Mariners and Pirates. It would be nice if one of them made a deep run into October.

The real reason why Texas gov. Rick Perry was indicted by a county grand jury last Friday is that both the Astros and Rangers are at the bottom of their division. They can't indict the commissioner of baseball, right? or Nolan Ryan? So it had to be the governor.

No, you're not, Pinto. You'll be stone dead in a moment.

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