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Goodbye to one of the funniest ever...

I didn't know Robin Williams personally, of course, and I confess to not paying too much attention to his most recent work but hearing the news yesterday of his passing rattled me. He was one of those artists whose personality and work touched many of us on a very personal level. When those kinds of people die suddenly, unexpectedly, it feels like a some part of you dies as well. — H.B.

Bill (thinking to himself):
Nevah knew he suffered from depression. Damn.



so sad

The idea that one of the funniest people evah could be suffering from depression to a point that he killed himself just doesn't compute.

Robin Williams was a comic genius, no doubt. So incredibly sad that because of his personal pain he could not, in the end, see his worth to his family, friends, and to the world. RIP.

Sad, sad, sad.


Depression is the terrorist of mental illness. Read William Styron's "Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness" if you want a scary glimpse into its eyes. It's only 96 pages, so even Big Bri can handle it.

What this shows is just how little we truly understand about just how our minds work. There are well meaning people that think they can cure depression. Obviously they weren't Sox fans between 1920 and 2003.
"So far, it's a fair fight, but one I cannot win."- Hunter S. Thompson, I concur, sick Doc.

Sadly we won't see his like again soon :(

A tremendously talented guy, that I had the pleasure of seeing perform live once. The world will miss him.

What's most distressing to me is that from all of the stories you will see and hear about Robin, they all agree. He would be the first person to pick you up when you were down. He visited his old Juilliard buddy, Christopher Reeve. He visited Sharon Osborne. He visited tons of sick kids at St. Jude. He knew the power his comedy had to help heal the mind. But it seems he never received that same help when he needed it most. That is really distressing and sad. He put out so much good into the world to not have received enough back to comfort him through his low points. It's unjust and unfair to him and it was of a nature that none of us could do anything about it.

Robin Williams was Josh Hutcherson's dad in "RV" in 2006. Josh Hutcherson is taught a lesson by Lauren Bacall in 2012's "The Forger". Lauren Bacall died today.

Lauren Bacall shall always be "Slim" to me...

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