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Even Shark Week is over

It's August... Arguably the worst sports month of the year in any given year but absolutely confirmed when it's a year in which the Red Sox are already waiting for next year.


Seriously, meaningless baseball games and meaningless football games has me feeling like Mersault standing ovah a dead Arab.


This absurd life with the fucking dahk wind rising toward me and all.


If we were in Europe we'd have the whole month off.


And high-speed rail.


But we'd be obsessed with soccer.


Yeah, there is that.



Is Sharknado 3 in the works yet?? ;O

Sharknado 3 in the pipeline, Sharknado 4 is under way.
And I feel fine because I don't think that the "best" of you humans even comes close to the lowest common denominator among felines, thus, I feel not just fine, but ever so superior.

Arrogant little shit, isn't he?

College football season starts tonight. My grad school alma mater will be on ESPNU.

All of my friends in Europe (well, all of my friend in Europe) are complaining about how quickly their holiday went by. Oh boo fucking hoo. I'd like to shove that Napoli bomb from last night up their twee little waxed, hairless asses. And yes, I'm grouchy this morning, so suck it.


I sympathize with your friend Bob. My classes ended in the middle of May and before I knew it, the end of August arrived with a new semester.

I find myself just as crotchety as Bob today, but without his uncommonly good way with words. Which of course leaves me feeling even grouchier. >:-(

And then there's that fucking cat...

Am happily still watching the occasional inning or three, and reading the box scores w/ the possibility that they run off ten wins in a row, or really any win is fun.

Bob wins, as per usual.


Bob, you're never going to grow as a person unless you can speak your mind.

Or, you can embrace futbol and enjoy the opening of the new seasons across Europe!

February. February is the worst month.

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