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De donde crece la palma

OK I know it's a low bah...


But that unconditional bomb Cespedes' launched last night is on the very short list for best moments of 2014.



Nobody intimidates the Cubans.


Small island. Giant balls.



Is Bronson Arroyo from Cuba?

small island, giant balls. Sad, and beautiful place. ask sdu about his visit there. or me.


I like their cars. ;O

But, I beg the question can Cespedes do that 30-35 times, given he hits to the deepest parts of Parc Fenway. The homer last night would just have made the bleachers left of the Sox pen. (If ESPN's diagram is to be taken seriously, that is...)
The only reason I'd visit Cuba would be to see real, day to day working steam locomotives, something we lost more than half a century ago, or about when Ballgame retired.

RIP Lauren Bacall. One of my favorite movie quotes: "You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and ... blow"

Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall... Who's number 3?


I like their sammiches.

Mmm, pork products.

Dare we hold out hope to get to .500 for the month? No. They play like s**t at Parc Fenway.
Challenge for tomorrow: Two cats, one co-operative, one not so much. Task: Get their booster shots done. Task 2: Pray the nasty one doesn't rip me open someplace vital.

He wants to what? Let him try it.

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