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Yellow moons

So we've reached the nadir where decisions have to me made about who will go and who will stay.


So many questions... Do you trade Lester for prospects? Is there even a willing trading partner? Do you keep him? How many years?


There was a time when I obsessed ovah this kind of thing, now I'm wise enough to confess that frankly I don't have a clue.


Seriously, nobody knows. At best it's a best guest.


And even if your guess is the best and the front office makes all the right decisions, it still comes down to luck.




No surprise there - when Henry & Co. took over, they said their goal was to be in the playoffs every year and to win the World Series once every eight years, defacto acknowledgement of the role of luck in winning the WS. And while they haven't made the playoffs every year, they have more than delivered on the WS wins, with 3 in the twelve seasons they've owned the club.

I keep getting more certain that Lester will be in pinstripes. This low balling, short term contract approach is eerily reminiscent of (oi) Haywood Sullivan. Younger creeps ask an old fart about him. He's looking up at us from Sawx Fan Hell...

An optimist and the butler. Very different. The butler is a glass half empty creep. The optimist? He's happy. Me? I am on a plane of existence humans have no ability to comprehend.

Heywood Sullivan carried around a lucky charm: A lock of Ebinezer Scrooge's hair. Oh, and his mummified scrotum.

See http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/billion-dollar-billy-beane/ for a good read... Right at the top, Beane says he'd never again make a decision based on money, so the storytelling premise that the Sox just needed to offer him more money may be thin, but the overall lesson behind the data is still strong...

Like the Ninja Turtle scrotum unveiled at Comic-Con,Bob??

Kind of:


How'd you like to find that in your Lucky Charms?? ;D

I asked the butler what Lucky Charms were and he told me: "Whatever you think they are, silly f*****g cat!"

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