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Wednesday for Friday

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I have an early off site all day work meeting today which is throwing my routine off. I'll plan to make up today by swapping out today with what would normally be an an under .500 no strip Friday.



I think you can book Friday's off for the rest of the season, h.b. Hard to believe 35,345 showed up for that last night. Must've bought their tickets in March.

Hey Creeps,

I'll be in Boston this weekend. I'm planning on meeting up with Kaz on Sunday for lunch / brunch. If anybody would like to join us you are welcome.

On that print above the file cabinet, I always imagined the lower portion to be part of a woman's leg as she's lounging on the sand. Then Abby ruined the moment by telling me it's actually some porn star's schlong, cropped to fit.

7-1??? Guess the sawx aren't the only ones getting they're asses kicked. ;D

Hope there are no crabs under that Palm Tree,Bob ;O

Wish me luck. I should be able to get that arrogant, 4.5 pound ball of nastiness in his box for the trip to the breeding shed. He'll love it when he gets there. I'll like it since the Vet's assistant is very easy on the eyes. Unlike the Sawx, who like me are aging and have lost their mojo.

Andy Griffith, RIP. Our childhoods are disappearing. Well, except for the sheer cussedness required to root for our Sox. Natalie, take the bus off the blocks and put it in gear.

AJ has been designated for assignment. I think planning for next year has officially become at Fenway.

long overdue on AJ. As in they should have kept Salty. where are you creeps having brunch?

Ah, what can I say about my job? I have my pure essence, that only a privileged few females may partake. As for AJ, get a job like mine, you'll love it. Sorry, humans don't mate like that in a (ACCCK!) civil society. (Ha!)

He's getting slower. I caught him, and had him in before he could do any damage. He left the box cool and slow, with that enigmatic smile felines show us frequently. He even was nice to the Vet! Now, do I get a treat for his good behavior? Whaddya think?

Bucker - we haven't planned that far ahead. I'll be staying in Woburn. Shoot me an email at chris -at- odonnellweb.com and we'll keep you in the loop.

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