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We are the world

So by day's end we could be looking at a world where Lester, Lackey, Peavy, and Doubront were all traded in the span of a week.


Crumbling cookies and all...


And good for them for if we've learned one thing from history it's that rich people in powah absolutely adore acquiescing to the whims of the creepy peons.


Baseball is none of your business. World peace is none of your business. Your fucking religion is none of your business.


Exactly. Just keep buying shit. Keep paying your taxes. And keep your mouths shut.


And don't forget to Rock the Vote.


Absolutely, because your vote is critically important at keeping the charade intact




Right on, right on!

Power to the sheeple!

Baaahhhh humbug. The butler only needs to know that he may remain creepy, without fear of being sent to the Gulag for just being who he is.

Lester and Gomes to Oakland :(

He is so creepy that he thinks Getting rid of Jonny Gomes is more harmful than letting Lestah get away. The A's will not sign Lester. Now, Are the Sox willing to do whatever it takes to keep Lester away from the MFY's? Cespedes? Is he the new Carl Crawford?

Just sign Lester - $100 mil for 6 years, structured as 4 years at $20 mil per year plus 2 years at $10 mil per year. Pay the guy what he is worth now and limit your back end risk. The Sox don't need "prospects", they need an ace. They've already got rid of the existing malcontents (AJ and Felix), but now they risk creating a clubhouse full of them by trading Lester.

The clubhouse without Gomes as enforcer, will make one Bobby Veets feel redeemed.

Stickin' it to the man! Keep on, keep on.

honest to fuck, I don't care.


Are you ready for some football??

I care, lc. And I'm pissed off and depressed in equal measure. Don't believe I'll be watching many games the rest of this season. The anger I'm feeling sours the taste of the home brew I just brought upstairs last night.


I'm with you, Rob. This deal really bums me out. I will keep hoping they bring Lestah back in the off-season though.

Well, the one piece of good news is that they traded Lester to a team that can't possibly sign him long term.

Talk about not only throwing the season away (which was a fucking waste anyway) but throwing away the next 5 seasons??? Lester is a fucking stud with probably 6 years of great production left...where does new arms come from? the unkown!! Look at all these pitchers that have signed big contracts that may have worked out initially but not down the road...CC, Beckett, burnett, etc etc
we know Lester is durable..fucktards
lackey...why get rid of? the dudes making 500 grand...cannot even replace him with a minor leaguer...sign the dude to3year contract..since his tommy john surgery he's been great

on the bright side, A's message boards think this trade sucks.

Cespedes apparently pulled a Dubront last week and didnt want to play CF.

Good thing I dont care.


Lester back as a free agent?? They wouldn't give him 7 years to keep him here,you don't think he'll want that as a free agent???

It's a good move. Lester is too expensive and they need power. I'd say ownership is showing real guts and are interested in the next 3-5 yrs, don't take them for granted--3 WS wins!

Trading a durable arm for a power bat is pretty iffy. How did that Willy Mo trade work out?

Lackey to the Cardinals.

Red Sox get right-handed pitcher Joe Kelly and outfielder Allen Craig, while surrendering a minor leaguer.

All I can think about is this scene from Arrested Development: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHs9Rf7L8_U

"We're having a fire...sale!"

Guess this alleviates any guilt I might feel about not really watching any baseball these days....

Now Lackey to the Cards!! Let's keep it goin' Wa-Hoo!!!

You root for the laundry . . .

A right fielder hitting .237 and a pitcher with a 4.37 ERA?

Anyone think this team can win 80 games?

2015 starting rotation: Buch, LC, Bob, SDU's son, Nat's teal dress.

I can root for that.

I think we should all retire.

I'm sneaky slow.

hb, If there ever was an excuse for you to bail on this ship of creeps, this could be it. Growing up and watching the Sox stink made me think that this was what Yawkey wanted. Now John Henry et al are dumping the money guys for a budget operation. Think the 1931 Athletics. For that matter the 1920 Red Sox..

S. Drew to MFY for a bag of flaming shit.

Nice job Ben.

The butler is of foul mood. Emi is trying to use love on him. Wasting her time. He only truly wants is to be creepy.

Miller to Baltimore. Is this a fire sale?

Wally to Toledo for the Mud Hen.

Monster to be re-named the Green Coop.

I say we go out there and win the rest of our games.

By the end of the day, our entire team will be new (to us? to baseball? you decide!). Nobody will know how to prepare for us and we'll win by surprise!

Who's on first?

54 games to go. I put the over/under on runs scored at, wait for it... 54.

Early prediction for 2015: Nat's teal dress goes 22-6 with a 2.77 era.

There's an over/under joke there, but we are all adults here.

Hey kids,just got home from work-did I miss anything??? ;O

Mrs. Steve in MD wants to know: So, will Holt be the starting pitcher tonight?"

What's the equivalent of beer and chicken in the front office? Champagne and lobster crisps?

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