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Waiting and watching

Well, with his staht scratched, we sit and wait for the trade to be announced.


I'm not sure I recall being in this position before. The Nomah trade was totally unexpected, so we weren't sitting around chewing on tinfoil.


Yeah, I don't think anyone is at ease right now.


Seriously the Shank hasn't had this much wood in years.


Yeah, talk about curly haired money shot —He gets to chide management, chide the fans, and invoke revisionist history all in the same sentence.


The only way this could go bettah for Shaughnessy is if the currently unknown trading partnah turns out to be the Yankees.


Curse of the Bambino Redux: The Fester of the Lester.



The butler is being harangued by supporters of the team he calls the MFY's. One of them produced a doctored/photo shopped view of Lestah in what he calls F*****g Pinstripes. My daughter is on his shrinking lap, purring like small block Cosworth V8.I shall be relieved to see the butler less paranoid. But, it is a naughty bit of fun watching him fuss over this nonsense.

The Flush of the Jon?
The Taboo of the Adieu?
The Bane of the Talent Drain?

I really hope they don't move him. Watching him pitch has been one of the few bright spots this season. Plus I'd miss the 'you have to be f'ing kidding me' look when he doesn't get a strike call from the home plate ump.

Of course it will be the Spankees...I figured that in Training Camp when he begged them to sign him and they sat on their hands. Meh

Was it my imagination or was Mr. Lester's beard trimmed a little closer to face last night? Like he was checking to see how he'd look without one...

At 48-59 I guess you don't have to consider 'trade him out of the division'.

They won't trade him to the MFY, but if he doesn't get resigned he'll go from free agency to wearing pinstripes. They have zero pitching in the minors and will give him the insane contract to lock him down. Hope it turns out to be a Kevin Brown type deal if that happens.

//An industry source confirmed that the Red Sox have agreed to send left-hander Felix Doubront to the Cubs in exchange for a player to be named later or cash.//

And so it begins.

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