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Wah Wah Waaaaah

Well, bettah ending the first half on a high note than ending it on a low note from a rusty trumbone.


Yeah, there's only like 9 teams ahead of us for the Wild Cahd. C'mon, get them duck boats fiahed up!


It's called "leading from behind" mothafuckahs and it's the awesome.


Seriously, nobody leads from ahead anymore. That's so 20th Century.



I think it's high time we draw a line in the sand. And then erase that line and let Hank Steinbrenner broker a deal with the Orioles for them to destroy all of their steroids.

Rusty Trombone?? More like a Dirty Sanchez. ;D

Pushingpeopleintoactsofdepravityisthelegacyofthismassivelyfuckedupcentury- H.S.Thompson

Ah, humans, searching for meaning in trivial idiocy.

I think this Brock kid might be a keeper.

So, as said (late yesterday; early today), I am back. I apologise for the break in transmission.

Howevever I have little to say beyond yesterday's observations as to Bob being funny (well, der), lc being super-lovable, the red sox like sucking, antipodean delight at the demise ("DFA") of the consonant idiot catcher and acknowledgment of the survival capacity of the Cat (or "El Gatito" as we call it down here).

I also take the moment to acknowledge the continued quality of the strip. Thank you Hart Brachen, whoever you may be.

Mrs sdu and I are currently in India. I am, now, full of curry, listening to the Muslim call to prayer, captivated by a silhouette of the Taj Majal and finishing off a bottle of very good Californian pinot while "posting" on an east coast web-blog of some renown. The world has, indeed, become smaller.


PS For those keeping score at home, the 11 year old 'sox fan is safe at home in Sydney being spoiled rotten by a family friend. He says hi.

SDU, I have used some of my lives, but not all of them. I am told I live like an elderly former race horse. I will say that I won't run for any reason- ever.

Well I could say 'you can run, but you can't hide' but I ain't talking to no damn cat. Oh, hang on. Meanwhile, wtf?

(dunno if this link will work)

Excellent pictures indeed.
Happy belated birthday wishes to your lady. ;)

Great pics.

Wake me up when we get to the halfway point in the season.

I wonder if Gomes can lead us from Kansas City, as rumor has it that's where he's going.

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