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Tomorrow remember yesterday

Well Buch that dream.


Yeah, there's the rub.


And because I know it annoys the CHB let me say that I feel fine.


Seriously, this might be the best I've felt since I was kid zooming around the block in my Schwinn Krate on the way to an all summah day Wiffle Ball game.


Yeah, when your biggest worry was hoping your moms didn't embarrass you by yelling at the top of her lungs across the whole neighborhood, &Mike! It's time for suppah! Mike!&




After FC Roma's win, the North End is happy, likely too happy for CHB. So break out the good vino, and manga! Lobster tail parmesan, ignore the note: Market Price.
This afternoon the outlook ain't good.
That all being said, Stay creepy my friends
Stay creepy my enemies.

The butler watched NASCAR's Mudsummer classic. Lobster tail? He won't offer it to me.
Given a choice between Rush Limbaugh and the Sox, Rush wins I fear, but then I bask in my superiority and do not have need of reinforcement.

Anthonys getting a little chunky!! ;O

mmmm...Prince spaghetti...

And so we're back to GIDP-itis. In best Ben Stein voice: Natalie? Natalie?

I'm really glad I have no idea what certain comments mean.


Eh sorry, I checked out again- crazy travel period, and I'm in the Windy City today. Might need to move out here and try on being a Cubs fan for a while. Could be fun. Bar last night before Chicago Cut Steakhouse dinner was showing pre-season football which was disorienting to say the least. What IS this season? What month is it? And why is it such a struggle to care about baseball right now? I blame the cat.

We won game one 14-1, and it looks like we are going to get outscored overall for the series. WTF is up with this team?

Towel in hand. Throwing it in. Where ever in is.

Are you ready for some football?

Back from Chatham. Just in time to say have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Maggies lost again. Red Sox suck. Bring on the cricket. Oh, I mean the Packers.

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