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So I guess Farrell feels kinda weird managing the American League All Stahs considering how the Red Sox season is going.


Feels kinda weird being a fan with none of your guys on the team.


I think I'm going to have to skip this year's game.


Dying grandma?


How'd you know?



Manny's grandma?

I hear that Farrell had to be talked out of starting Drew at short for the AL. Although he has instituted a new sign for the All Star team that's worked almost 100% of the time for the Red Sox. It's an index finger to the nose that means, "hit into a rally-ending double play."

John would be sorely tempted to go all rookie in the outfield, with a slow old guy in the late innings. Too bad the Sox only all-stah worthy player isn't there--
Brock Holt. Who will hit until most pitchers get a book on him, then like so many before him, his obp will drop. Will he employ a shift? When will Jeter be pulled for the true AL Short stop? When I know that, bye.

I didn't care for the ending, too damn obvious. But, that may reflect the arrogant feline that puts up with me.

I SO wanted to see a city get nuked.

In a deeper sense, all of the Red Sox are made of stars. So, at least we've got that going for us...which is nice.

World Cup withdrawal. It's bad.

Enough with Derek Jeter.


Cause for worry that only a true Sox fan can comprehend:
1.0 IP/3 H/2R/both earned ERA 18.0. no K's no BB's, either. He did not look good. He should worry, as that outing could cost him money with most of the more profligate, tax paying franchises, and the Sawx, come his free agency dash for cash.

What lc said. Double plus.

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