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Right back where we started

So that was a train wreck.


Well, more like a rerun of a made-for-TV movie about a train wreck.


I mean it's not like you didn't already know the wreck was coming.


Time for the fiah sale.


Yeah, but the problem with being a sellah is the reason you're a sellah is cuz you're in the cellah with a rostah that put you in the cellah.


And aftah you remove the untouchables like Pedroia and Ortiz...


Trade Lestah and resign him at the end of season.


Where the fuck is that optimism coming from?


The fat spliff is half unsmoked.



Welcome back, hb. 2013 was the anomaly, this mess is the real Boston Red Sox. Renting Lester out has a major downside. He may like where he ends up. Worse, the likelihood he follows Ruth, Ellsbury, (dare I go on?)and so many others to the dark side.

From worst to first...to worst

They are just setting up another "most improved" award for next year.

So, you're saying there's a chance?



Well at least hb is back. That is something fun to yak about.

If the Sox get any worse, they're going to trade Uehara and Hart Brachen for prospects and a blog to be named later.

What were the chances of success when I said, "You know what would make summer Fridays even better? Getting out at 1:00."?

What were the chances of success when Reagan said, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."?

What were the chances of success when the Professor said, "I can make a radio-telephone out of these coconuts and Ginger's IUD."?

I'll tell you what the chances were: Precisely 4%.

Welcome back, HB.

Damn, we lost 5 of 6, and STILL lost ground to the Astros in the Riley Ferrell sweepstakes.

Welcome back, HB. Hope it was a good one with no MLB access.

I am rather content, as the butler left his recliner on. Wonderful. He is rather bitchy and lined up a movie for his entertainment, grumbling "This team is a f*****g waste of time" He is watching an old, old film with "Bogie". I am certain that isn't "Agent X", the non hitting infield stiff that the sawx play far too often.

"High Sierra", dopey cat. Now, THAT makes him as angry as I am. no. Emi looks confused, bless her.

Couldn't even get the first self-serve beer stations... http://espn.go.com/mlb/story/_/id/11185913/mlb-all-star-game-feature-self-serve-beer-machines... note the last line re the "Hangover Burger" -- two hamburger patties with bacon, American cheese and a fried egg with mayo, ketchup and sriracha.

Roy Earle is a lot like the Sox. He just can't get things right. My boss is looking VERY smug right now.

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