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So based on these grades...


If the Red Sox were your kid, you wouldn't be putting a &My son is an honor student at East Bumfuckchestah High School& on your minivan anytime soon.


Last year's valedictorian, this year's juvenile delinquent. Fell in with the wrong crowd, I guess.


I confess if I'm grading myself as a fan, I think a C minus is generous.


Sounds about right. Showing up but doing the bare minimum and exhibiting little enthusiasm, high during every 1st period...


Yeah, but also not complaining or causing any trouble, which the teachers appreciate.


The gentle stonah's C.





Not bad for a team that totally screwed up the off season personnel moves.
My likelihood Jon Lester will go to the dark side* index: 100 (100 being a mortal lock, go to a Vegas sports book and put money on it., 0 being Yer shittin' me, aren't 'cha?)
*For those of you not as blessed in the cranium, I am saying "Sign with the MFY's", I will not explain MFY, it should be self evident.

"Hey kid, you wanna try a little beer and chicken?" Damn shit was obviously a gateway drug.

You've caught the butler in a good mood. Being openly pandered to by females, both feline and human has that effect upon him.

Chicken is a drug? Which part, the liver, the skin?

It is not an aphrodisiac, that's for sure.

Ahh,the good old days. ;D

Make that The Gentle Stonah's B and you perfectly describe my last two years of high school. My parents figured I had a B average, I must be staying out of trouble.

Veet would know how to right the ship. Just ask him, he'll be glad to tell you.

Occasional mid-season Collingwood Football Club update:

They are rooted.

As it is with the Red Sox, is now and ever shall be. World without end.


Let the shitstorm begin

Amen, sdu. Amen.

He is so creepy he always has the sidewalk to himself. He is The Creepiest Man in the World.
I am not always that creepy, but when I am, I read Soxaholix.
Stay Creepy my friends.
Stay Creepy my enemies.

So, tonight begins the great Comeback of '14. Although future baseball historians will insist that the Comeback actually began just before the All Star Break.

"Summer hours are like winter hours, but shorter and less work-y." -Me

Well, I'll be spotty here next week, and there's nothing the good folks at Playtex can do about it. Chatham calls, and when Chatham calls, you're helpless against its Locust Valley Lockjaw accent and charming-yet-baffling quest for penuche fudge. Perhaps I shall catch a Cape Cod League game, perchance. Yeeees, yeeees, Lovie, we shall..

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Chatham's about 2 miles from my house,Bob.

Always Hawthorn!

so Rich that's, what, about 45 minutes or so?

This time of year Buck...and no left turns dammit!!!

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